Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 6, 2022

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  2. Yay, this satanic lgbqt psyop needs to end globally! This evil agenda is destroying our World. Putin is a hero for shutting this shit show down in Russia! Go Colorado and make the US proud of your efforts to end this madness!

  3. Ukrajina need peace zelinsky need train of money and wapons.rezult war food needeth food warm and bed war must stop peace only u.s and russia can do it

  4. It won't matter if they beat Putin, there are two big ethnic tribes there, like there was in Iraq when Iraq broke down into civil war. Might have to accept that dual ethnic societies eventually break countries up into 2 or 3 countries. The country will still have the hostility between the Ukrainian tribes. They could just accept that the war could end if they they are prepared to allow the breakup of the country Into two countries.

    It's hard to do that.there have been no end of terrorist wars, and civil wars.
    Even in Ireland. Military rule on the streets of Ukraine may still be the result even if Russia and America leave. And one ethnic group may still be persecuted and targeted.

  5. Gorbachev was promised NATO would not move an inch as he accepted a peace treaty after prostorica…
    All news agencies ignoring this are war mongers

  6. Whatever DN does, I hope they do NOT give any Credence to the Clear Water Revival happenin' at Twitter – it's Russian propaganda I tell ya!

  7. The number of evil democrats shown to have requested and received manipulation of speech is mindboggling. With The Twitter Files, Part One: How and Why Twitter Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story we are put on notice that the democrat party received cooperation on killing storylines in order to boost Biden’s chances of gaining the White House. Now-Twitter owner Elon Musk says, “Twitter was acting like an arm of the Democrat National Committee. It was absurd.” Then-Twitter silenced a notable newspaper as well as a very prominent White House spokesperson and anyone who tweeted on the subject. As we also know, then-Twitter also silenced the President, though on a narrative thread separate from the Hunter Biden laptop story.

    Every detail in this initial Twitter file begs further investigation. It’s as though we’ve caught a glimpse of a small bit of one web in a massive colony of spiders. Now we just learn Elon fired the Twitter attorney who held back emails that confirm the FBI was working with Twitter to suppress the free speech of anyone that opposed Joe Biden. The same attorney who previously worked at the FBI and lead the Russia scam against Trump. Surprise, surprise!!!

    Through this release of information, actor James Woods found out he was specifically targeted and has threatened to file a lawsuit, perhaps even head up a class-action suit, against the requestors. Conservatives and others have experienced temporary suspensions, threats if they do not themselves delete tweets that Twitter staff could have easily deleted, demonetization, deplatforming, shadow-banning, and canceled followers!!!

  8. It's beginning to look like Gaza: any attack by the underdog is met with merciless, entirely indiscriminate revenge attacks. I refer to Ukraines drone attacks on Russia.

  9. My god how desperate are Georgia Republicunts to almost elect Walker a clearly unfit and unqualified Senate candidate. Lowest bar possible and not Christian by any stretch of the imagination. Shameful.

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  11. Since when did Gender and sexual orientation become a civil rights issue? your gender is not a race, its not where you come from or what color you are. 
    Gender and sexual orientation are a part of religious beliefs which gives the right of the OWNER of a business to withhold services to anyone they deem in opposition to there business, this Colorado attorney is just another example of how the government is trying to regulate everyone across the board, to take away your right to serve those you disagree with has NOTHING to do with infringing on someones civil rights haha what a joke , civil rights are about discrimination of RACE not sexual orientation.

  12. The slippery slope…. Now they want you to wear masks because of the flu!!! How long do you think it will be before Woke retailers require it to enter their stores???

  13. I really appreciate the juxtaposition of the Russia anti-LGBT law followed immediately by the business owner in Colorado who can’t stop hating gay people.

  14. No rafal, Finland is a socialist country and if you ask anyone who lives there if they think human rights of universal housing and healthcare for everyone is evil, they would laugh at you and say obviously the answer is no while thinking you must be a brain washed greedy american idiot. Ask any homeless person or any working class person in america if they think the government is evil and the answer without a doubt will be yes. I have new ideas and you are parroting peer pressure perceptions. If your brain is broken that does not mean I am a narcissist.

  15. And now – Twitter confirms – DEMOCRACY = DEMOCRACY NOW – the taxpayers-financed mouth piece of the liberals was one of the leading media outlets that declared the Hunter trophy of incriminating documents of the Biden Family a Russian hoax.
    Look at this liar. What a way to go through life – knowing, that everything you tell the audience with a straight face is a lie. Nice way to go through life. I cannot wait until Congress will pull the rug underneath this liberal mouthpiece.

  16. Don't just "big up" the coverage, go do something.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. THE FBI planted cameras and mics in my home SOS the informant name as Zeeshan Ali Khan and Dr. Ajaz Shantigar of Minnesota my name is Omair Haq of West Covina the is happening June-today Dec 2022

  18. No m woods, this model has not yet been attempted, it was dictatorships that killed 70 million people which technically can not be categorized as communism because a true commune is not ruled by a dictator but by a majority vote by the community but vital issues like human rights, a healthy environment, and preservation of natural resources should be considered as necessities to be guaranteed for everyone and not voted on.

  19. Wonderful reporting Amy! Al-Jazeera a foreign country is trying to seek justice for the killing of an American Citizen. And American administration doesn’t care about the murder of it’s own citizen. What a shame.

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