Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 20, 2022

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  1. Witch hunt!!! The election was stolen. They were just trying to get to the truth. The Dems are despicable and getting worse with this illegal immigration thing.

  2. Just saying, dude representing the Uber drivers, looks like a total badass! Shaft, he a…pay raise, what's wrong with you people, share the damn wealth!

  3. They does it everyday which is Treasonous and we want decolonization or else. They using color of law and authority they are not using the supreme law of the land

  4. Personally, I don't feel sorry for the Jan sixers. They were small time elitists who are getting what they deserve, but at the same time, you can't be hard on them, yet advocate initiatives such as: defunding the police, prison abolition, bail reform, and pushing laws that favor the criminal element over the law abiding citizen; such as, gun control.

  5. This channel disguises as the resistance but in reality, it couldn't be more mainstream.

  6. This is mostly theatre designed to keep you stupid. The fake news content on this channel is off the charts.

  7. More like cenSorship now, the truth isn't allowed hear just propoganda to poison your gullible mind about the greatest president in history, pathetic people that won't be saved by God.

  8. This woman is a lier trump said fight like hell but do so peacfully and he called for troops to be there but nothing was done

  9. Are they also going to investigate how the government have been censoring free speech on Twitter for years?

  10. Have they nothing better to do than lie to the American people.
    They have already determined that there were several fbi agents in the pre arranged joke that were heading groups of others and dropping orders of what to do next. Frikn joke of another lie by media. Do yourselves a favor shut down your false information

  11. Excuse me, Who is Queen or king of Scotland ?
    Is there a television satellite channel?
    that teaches the Scottish language, displays Scottish culture, history and traditions?
    F. Northmans

  12. The biggest story in out time is unraveling at Twitter. The truth about how the government has us all under surveillance and u give us this propaganda str8 outa NBC. Sad at how far u have dropped in quality.

  13. Just a heads up, they wanna pay the PROSECUTORS 2.6 BILLION dollars. That’s 2.6 million for 1000 prosecutors. GTFO

  14. *fact* there is no such thing as “the Palestinian people” they were all migrant workers seeking a better life from Syria,Egypt, Lebanon ,and jordan once the British took over after the ottomans fell …the British then gave jordan to Palestinians many happily accepted it and the idiots stayed and trusted the terrorists that one day we will return ..over 70 years have past and they now are weaker than ever and crying foul and the media is happy to shit on israel at every given opportunity..

  15. I see all te achievements in Isreal and wonder why a persecuted people who have so much ability would persecute another people and force them from their land. They have the resources to buy unoccupied land and they turned the desert into an oasis so literally any land will work for such an innovative and productive people. I see it like after ww2 they should have reached for a higher bar but instead traveled a very similar road as the nazis who forced them from their homes and into prison camps.

  16. We must send all immigrant people
    Back to their country . whatever the problem they have is keep in their country and stay at their country. we cannot afford to take care of them. We have to take care of our people first.. we have lots of homeless and disability people who need help. if we let them in the US whole South America country people are coming nonstop!that have to stop.we cannot let them come here and take our job away from us,when we don’t have enough jobs for US citizen. this people I have no shame! They are selfish people

  17. Donald Trump is the worst president in US history! Hope he go jail soon. He think he is rich he think has power he can whatever he wants! God is watching him when he die he cannot take his money with him. when he die, the only thing he left on earth is his bad name.

  18. The West will not have peace untill they allow people to believe in GOD NOT TO THEM!!

  19. Wow! The left really hates trump. Come on! He's not that bad, considering what we usually have to deal with. I mean he made peace with North Korea and he didn't really get us involved in any more wars. He's rumored to have proposed Universal Health Care, but was shot down by his cabinet. And I think he deported less people than Obama and Biden. Aren't these liberal wins?

    Can I at least get you guys to admit that he's better than w?

  20. current situations in south america, africa and other former colonies are the doings of the former colonial masters. the asylum seekers should be welcomed into the former colonial masters’ countries to reclaim what was taken away from them irrespective of timing.

  21. January 6 committee has spoken – will anyone Listen ? – the odds are always biased in one direction – The Predictable & the alternative ?

  22. If Putin Annex Belarus all hell will broke loose. This would be the end of him from the Russian people. Not from Ukraine first. Then the entire world even those th

  23. You guys need to stop cutting the video short. It sounds EXTREMELY odd. at the least say goodnight & appreciate the people watching Thank you for watching, have a good one..

  24. There is no evidence. The Democrats make it up as they go along. And is John Sullivan being charged, he was the Antifa plant who broke the balcony windows to let the crowd inside the building. He came armed with a big baseball bat and there are clear photos of him breaking the windows on the Capitol building balcony.
    Funny now how how he doesn't seem to have been arrested like other people. Why was an Antifa agitator aiding a pro Trump crowd.
    Justice would have been, if the voting with the non-verified ID of the voters on hundreds of thousands of mail-in-ballots, had been disqualified by the terrified,gutless court judges

  25. 99
    Army police courts
    Murders injuries droughts
    Vote fraud said written documentation
    People places things standing ovations

  26. Great! Criminal charges against former president Donald Trump. The House Oversight Committee has done a great job of investigating the insurrection of January 6. Justice served in prosecuting the Proud Boys.

  27. Proud boys and oath keepers convicted need sued in cival court by guards who were injured during the insurection.

  28. Send the army to the southern borders and protect the future of the US.

    Freeze any bills to spend any penny for those unwanted refugees.

  29. It's a joke! Where is the evidence?!

    Somebody must investigate the Jan. 6 committee about their lying and miss information and wasting US taxpayers money.

    Dr. Steve Turley: Liz Cheney and J6 Committee HUMILIATED One Last Time!!!

  30. According to jew law, i believe that jew doctors are not supposed to give medical assistance to non jewz unless they pay in advance.

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