Top FIVE moments from SAS Rogue Heroes ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿคฉ BBC

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It was hard to only pick five because this show is ๐Ÿ”ฅ

SAS Rogue Heroes tells the adrenaline-fuelled origins of the fearless, reckless Special Forces unit, its legend forged among the mayhem of WWII. By Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight.

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  1. So in series and movies english fights nazs but in real life, current situations english trains and equip nazs. Beautiful.

  2. this series made me an alcoholic for 3 weeks during the World Cup, thanks Paddy

  3. As someone else mentioned how did you find five top moments, music was out of place and as for the secret base they weโ€™re using with two 30ft scaffolding towers and deck chairs and not to forget two bloody great flags adorning the secret base ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. Who's the idiot that thought these mediocre scenes were better than the airfields blowing up, the shoot outs, or behind enemy lines with the Prime Minister's son?

  5. Stirlings airfield raid in the last episode should make this list, where they tear up the airfield with machine guns.

  6. Yeeeeup that would have been him alright & infact yeeeeup it was him but the guy hitting the ground had a crown & a pip on his shoulders & that's why the bravest man in the second world war never received the Victoria Cross.

  7. You were able to find 5 good moments? It was a trainwreck show. I couldn't find a single good thing about it. Poor acting, overdone music, abysmal storytelling, etc

  8. What is sad is people taking this silly, inaccurate, grossly miscast TV show as history – and then basing their fatuous rants and opinions on it. Ben Macintyreโ€™s book โ€˜SAS Rogue Heroesโ€™ is well worth reading – ideal for those who can manage anything above a comic

  9. Hi, can anyone please suggest me how can I watch this show if I am not physically residing in UK ?

  10. Burma would been a nightmare…, but then again, Paddy Mayne might well have turned that one around on his own ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. It reckons itself with swearing and for some reason out of place rock music – gave up on it.

  12. In the part 5, who are the actors who are playing chess…. I haven't seen this show. Can anyone help me out?

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  14. You guys have totally screwed up the true history. David Sterling was a Scot, he didnโ€™t have a โ€˜posh English school boyโ€™ accent. Most of what is in the series has been absolutely made up or is a complete misinterpretation. Really sad that the true events have been so egregiously misconstrued. Shame on the โ€˜wokeโ€™ BBC.

  15. Why not a separate drama on Paddy Maine Blar.
    Has all the history, the character, the awards and his own tragic death.

  16. As per uusal never enough credit for Ulster men like Field Marshall, Alan Brook, from Fermanagh in charge of the military ww2 and stood up to Churchill. Here we have it again. The SAS were so successful due to a ULSTER man not a English toff on crutches. Paddy maine Blair.
    The most decorated ever without getting a VC. Probably because he was gay, or from Ulster. As well as so talented in boxing and rugby as well as a lawyer. Far more interesting than Stirling who being English gets the Laurels for forming it, easy to a point but PADDY DID THE JOB. Many more missions he was involved with and got awards but only a fraction shown. Why ,which is not hard to answer as being not born in England. His own story should be shown as a remaracable guy and a possible gay icon,which may have lead to him no getting a deserved VC.

  17. the entire North Africa "Division" ? Claude Auchinleck was commander of middle east command, it even says it on the sign behind the guard lol thats a million men not a division of 17000 men

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