Top 20 Controversial Movies on NETFLIX You Should Consider Watching

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  1. 18. White Girl
    17. Running with the Devil
    16. The Green Inferno
    15. War Machine
    14. Gerald’s Game
    13. Christine
    12. This is the End
    11. Life of Brian
    10. Zero Dark Thirty
    9. Monster
    8. Blonde
    7. Bad Words
    6. Menace II Society
    5. Eyes Wide Shut
    4. A Clockwork Orange
    3. Natural Born Killers
    2. Boogie Nights
    1. Se7en

  2. You can’t criticize Cuties if you haven’t watched it. I’ve watched it and I fail to see what all the scuttlebutt is all about?? It’s weak in almost every department no doubt but hardly shocking. And nothing compared to what I was lead to except. There are many films that are more controversial than Cuties.

  3. Why the hell should I watch a film if it's going to shock me? I get enough shocks from my children.

  4. Clockwork Orange. My favorite movie. Its the best social satire ever made. Not meant to be a shocker. The song Singin in the Rain will never be the same after you've heard it here. Never. Gene Kelly actually sued the producers over this. Full Metal Jacket is an underrated shocker.

  5. I am a True Believer of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit & Father God but I do Hate man made Christians, the most fake people on the planet. I want a real Christian lady to marry but I am yet to meet a female of God without being a nun, I want lots of children.
    I ❤ the life of Brian but always feel incrwedibly naughty wehen I Wyatch fhis moowvie. Bikus D ick us.

    Eyes wide shut was boring & I didn't learn anything from it but I didn't watch it either, erm, my pizza is ready. Bye.

  6. Clockwork Orange is a film I just saw for the 1st time recently. I was encapsulated, and it's a masterpiece. Especially the dialogue was rich

  7. This is the end and Life of Brian along with The Interview are hilarious even if I'm not a big fan of James Franco these days.

  8. You can pause any moment and it's stunning…. ummmm dude I would take that back if I were you….. just saying

  9. When I heard some people complained about Seven making light of the 7 deadly sins I kinda grew pale.. I hope humanity heals of how traumatized some people have been by religion

  10. A sm-a-a-a-a-l nitpick. At the end of A Clockwork Orange review…… Glean,…not gleam. LOVE your reviews,thank you

  11. Three quarters of what you've named I wouldn't watch. IT'S a movie that's been on before many yrs. AGO and they weren't all that popular then EITHER.

  12. For fans of dectective/murder n psychic, try Suspect Zero (2004). Great performance by ben Kingsley is the best, an unique take on psychics in solving crimes. Mature audience only due to the disturbing crime. Sorry, not in Netflix.

  13. I searched for The Green Inferno and what I got is related videos to the title i Searched.
    That is how Netflix is so slow in uploading new videos

  14. why does anyone enjoy seeing depravity on film? you can likely find horror shows featuring substance abuse and various form of sexual abuse and dysfunction in real life to enjoy if you find that fun. funny the guy get all prim and squeamish about a film suggesting kiddie porn. hypocrite!

  15. There is no such thing as very unique. Unique, like pregnancy, is an absolute. You either are or you are not. There are no degrees of uniqueness. Pet peeve.

  16. zero dark thirty brought back the ray-ban aviators to consumer consciousness. they made it even look sexy for women. while brad pitt in se7en made the bed head fashionable.

    i missed watching boogie nights back in the day. this i have to see.

    i'm not sure if "a clockwork orange" and "nbk" are available in my location in south east asia, but i'm going to search for it.

  17. Blonde is an important movie. It is depressing. We need more movie that show the dark side of Hollywood. I am glad they didn't suffer coat her life even if it was more fiction. I am sure Hollywood was far worse than shown. Women were basically cattle.

  18. The most boring list about controversial movies at all. The only way you could think that there are controversy’s in those movies is only possible if you are raised in a country named USA. The land of the Free but free to think for themselves.

  19. Probably a million comments like this one but Ari Aster's films are next level and I believe Midsommar is on Netflix (Hereditary is bonkers too)…insides feel damaged after watching his stuff. Great list though, bring on the nightmares!

  20. Only an American would call Eyes Wide Shut controversial or explicit se*ual. But good list anyways

  21. Seven was absolutely amazing I’ve see that movie 100 times and it always is so good. And the only thing missing in marlyn was a good spread 🐱 shot

  22. The most interesting movie I have seen on Netflix this month was Metal Lords. Probably no one’s number one but worth a look.

  23. I absolutely loved "Kingdom" on Netflix, but once they put "cuties" on, I permanently parted with them.

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