Too Close to Call: Control of Senate Hinges on Races in Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona & Nevada

The balance of power in Congress is still up in the air after Democratic candidates outperformed expectations in much of the country in Tuesday’s midterm elections. Control of the Senate now rests on four states: Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. We speak with The Nation’s John Nichols, who says Democratic Senate candidate Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes could still close the gap with Republican incumbent Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, who now has the advantage. He also says that while Republicans look favored to win the Senate seat in Nevada, the race has ended up closer than expected. “Nevada can surprise you at the end,” says Nichols.

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  1. we were missing the opening preface by Goodman yesterday hope all is well. 👻🔥💔

  2. Democrats are in bed with corporate greed and scr3wing consumers to increase profits and overcome pandemic loses. Of course the DNC and GOP said nothing about this. Both parties are in the pockets of oligarchs & corporations

  3. Fetterman should not win. Because he is dumb cause from Obama control people listening Obama. Is evil don't trust him

  4. You can't blame price gouging when you are in power and did nothing about it. Abortion was the clear winner, the democrats lack of accomplishment in two years kept it from being a blue wave.

  5. Americans deserve every misery rained upon them by the GQP.

    They vote for evil and they will reap what they sow.

  6. No amount of money should be sufficient to persuade informed people to vote for as deplorable a person as Ron Johnson.

  7. Masto could have been in the lead, but she pushed back against Biden's students debt relief and didn't seem to care about the struggles of ordinary workers in Nevada. Her love for corporate cash is an obvious one.

  8. well let's bring in some dead voters and some boxes of fake ballots and get this thing decided now. your marxist government needs to get back to jacking up gas prices.

  9. Hey Amy, your Jewish state Israel is now surrounded by Islamic forces like the great Saladdin surrounded the Crusaders hundreds of years ago. What say you ?

  10. You report like Barnes got ALL the youth college vote in Wisconsin. What you didn’t report are there are strong Republican clubs in those colleges too and they got out the vote of their members for Ron Johnson. The media didn’t show any of the Ron Johnson for Senate signs on those college campuses but they were there. A lot of college age youth voted for Ron Johnson which you won’t report.

  11. Another extremely rigged election in the usa regime

  12. Death cultists lose ! We win!
    Corporate media propagandists lose! We win!
    Economic terrorists composted ! We win!
    Tech not sees fired in mass! we win!
    Organize, mobilize, occupy!

  13. Would have been good to have the Barnes/Johnson differences before the election, since obviously some people are still fooled by Ron Johnson. I don't know why some folks need things spelled out so clearly so they understand how he is not their "friend". By how close it is I imagine there were shenanigans by Johnson. He's definitely that type.

  14. I keep on seeing people on here complaining about price gouging. It's obvious that those people don't understand economics. What these people are saying is that prices were lower before bc the corporations just wanted to share their money with you. They always charge what they can. It's money printing that pushed prices so high.

  15. I’m sorry I just don’t understand how the Democrats are having such a good day when the Republican Party is such a carcass of a party! I mean there are more registered Democrats, how is it possible without major cheating that the Republicans are anywhere near taking over the house and the Senate?

  16. each election cycle the bar is lowered further, because republicans are allowed to set it, then democrats take credit for a symbolic victory which is actually a loss, thereby normalizing fascism further… Get ready, 2024 will be THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER… because every election will be a threat to the nonexistant democracy for who gets to be corporate spokeman of the empire of death

  17. Exactly – why Dems didn’t address inflation and say that it’s caused by republican price gouging and corporate monopolies which is TRUE and remind voters that Dems are helping inflation come down and republicans do nothing but offer tax breaks to billionaires -I have to blame the media in part here – always making an assumption that the economy issues are Dems fault !! Who do you think coined the phrase “it’s the economy stupid!” Bill Clinton ! who was an awesome president

  18. He was involved in the Corruption he’s going to go to jail along with Trump and a lot of other senators

  19. Democracy Now did you know is a Rockefeller paid show? Control opposition LOL people are so in the dark

  20. People still believe in election where both 50/50 neck to neck is even possible statically all the time?!!!! What idiot believe this kind of always close race sheite?

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