Tommy Shelby meets Alfie Solomons πŸ”₯ Peaky Blinders – BBC

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Would YOU want to go into business with this man?!

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  1. I've only just realised that given how Alfie talks about performing Stigmata up the nose of an Italian man, then threatening Tommy with pulling the trigger… Tommy gets a nosebleed. Immediatly, Alfie finds this event as a sign of God.

    The only reason Alfie accepted to work with the Peakys: religious belief.

  2. I dont understand why this character is liked Alfie was horrible. Didn't understand half what he said. Useless

  3. Tom Hardy giving a masterclass of charismatic acting.

    Cillian Murphy giving a masterclass of subtle acting.

    Two of the greatest actors of their generation with loads of chemistry in a perfectly written show.

  4. I use to love the BBC, but since it showed it's contempt for Brexit and the people who democratically voted for it, I won't watch it. Leftie bias has ruined it.

  5. Alfie will never know the shit show he was about to get into if he'd killed thomas ARTHUR WOULD FKN DESTROY HIM

  6. this reminds of of the time walter white was creating meth in his Delorian at 88MPH and time-travelled and met tommy shelby as a kid then proceeded to have adventures in making opium and meth and selling it throughout time.

  7. So when is the BBC going to broadcast the Peaky Blinders again? Or are Midsomer Murders and Agatha's Christie's Marple that much better in being drowsy than the Peaky Blinders? Ratings are everything, ey?

  8. Scarecrow meets Bane(batman). Eames meets Fischer(Inception). Broken man meets Farrier(Dunkirk). Tommy Shelby meets Alfie Solomons. These two love filming in the same movies dont they? Their IRL friendship is amazing.

  9. Tom Hardy puts on the same voice for most of the characters he plays.
    Alfie Solomon, Ronnie Kray and more. Do your own research.
    He's not a good actor.

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