Tommy Lee Royce's nail-biting escape from prison | Happy Valley

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Tommy’s escape had the nation on the edge of their seats 🤯 #HappyValley #iPlayer

It never goes away. Sgt Catherine Cawood is tough, defiant and facing her traumatic past. Sarah Lancashire in Sally Wainwright’s northern noir.

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  1. I'm no expert but personally I'd have made it harder for a convicted murderer to escape..

  2. I've been sentenced in that court before it's the old bolton magistarates 😄 🤣 😂

  3. For a set of series that have always been very realistic and plausible this scene just didn't cut it.
    A convicted rapist and killer in court with no restraints – not believable.
    I do get the James Bond references though. James Bond is famed for it's far-fetched action scenes so I suppose this fits the bill.
    The trouble is HV has lost is credibility now.
    It this happened in ep.4 then any far fetched nonsense is up for grabs in the final two episodes.
    OK for a tongue in cheek film franchise – not good enough for Happy Valley.

  4. So I suppose he'll want Ryan to go on the lam with him.
    I think Ryan will decline, that he is more grounded and ethical than TLR (and most others) give him credit.

  5. The scene where he escaped from the courthouse is so wonderful. The way he runs reminds me of the moment of Robert Redford's run in the movie The Sting.The smirk of cunning because he is a winner that comes through his sunglasses at the end is also indescribable. He is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    I look forward to seeing Norton's performance as he matures further as an actor.

  6. I thought it was one of the weakest scenes in Happy Valley. One elbow and one kick doesn't stop officers from doing something they are trained for

  7. X Men 2, Avengers, Skyfall, F9 & now this. Glass containers holding convicts are always a bad sign

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