Tom Cruise's Heroic Sacrifice – TOP GUN 2 ᴴᴰ

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Tom Cruise’s Heroic Sacrifice Best Scene 4K – TOP GUN 2 ᴴᴰ
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  1. The desperation in the comms brings back memories, hated it, evac is the worst because you know someone is about to die

  2. господи прежде снимать это посмотрите хотятя бы вавилон 5 вам там про политику немного раскажут

  3. they would both die with such an absolute superiority of electronic warfare, and they would die, but this is a movie

  4. Tom Cruise's Heroic Sacrifice – LoL! it´s a Hollywood MOVIE and theres no way an Tomcat can beat an Su-30 or Su-35 or Su-57

  5. If Tom was flying a F35 lightning or a FA 18 Super Hornet but an F14 Tomcat Haha what a laugh they have been in the boneyard for years they may as well put him in an F111 this must be a comedy film

  6. I absolutely resisted seeing this movie, I thought it was gonna be so Hollywood, and the most gorgeous woman Jennifer Connelly pouting in previews,…that alone. Then they announced $3 Cinema day here in Canada. I went. What a great movie. It wasnt over the top anything,…close, but still, very entertaining. This scene brought back to memory my fren Spikes F4 Vietnam shoot down story. Pulling 6g's inverted and Straight down to the deck to avoid a SAM, then his back seater exclaiming"there's another one,…."Spike looking straight up and seeing a telephone pole like SAM missle right over the cockpit,…BOOM.

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