To The End (2023 Movie) Official Trailer – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rhiana Gunn-Wright

To The End – Watch the trailer now! Available on Digital and Video on Demand February 7th, 2023. Starring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Alexandra Rojas, and Varshini Prakash.

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In this gripping documentary, follow four bold environmental leaders — activist Varshini Prakash, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, climate policy writer Rhiana Gunn-Wright, and political strategist Alexandra Rojas — as they traverse the country, fighting to bring climate change and its effect on future generations to the forefront of America’s political debate, and the nation’s consciousness. Filmed over four years of hope and crisis, To the End lifts the veil on the battle for the future of our world, and gives viewers a front-seat view of history in the making.

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  1. Hey look on the bright side! Google/Youtube is going to bat for it with the ol' blue context propaganda. Surely, it'll do better now!

    1) What impact humans have on warming and cooling is not "settled science". Its a worthy debate but this is more propaganda and not discourse. We aren't interested in the propaganda anymore.

    2) The language has been changing for decades and specific windows of time for our demise have been set constantly and yet… we are all still here with none of the issues prophesied. Fear-monger elsewhere.

    3) I'll start taking this ideology seriously, when its biggest proponents aren't insufferable hypocrites zooming around on private jets and living in massive walled in mansion compounds.

  2. I'd love to stand up in that auditorium and shout the question, "What evidence is there that humans cause climate change?" If I got an answer instead of name-calling, it would be some BS about "consensus," which is NOT evidence — tho these geniuses think it is.

  3. Let’s get lectured by a woman who doesn’t know how many branches of government there are. A petulant low IQ fool.

  4. "The media expect us to fail." Umm the media is on your side. The only thing failing is this "mocumentary."

  5. I’m going to remake this movie and put it on my channel. I’ll have to piece it together from the trailer and reviews, if anyone actually watched it. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it more ridiculous than it already is.

  6. If this is such an important issue then why isn’t it played for free on network television or streamed for free on demand?

  7. CO2 is rising unabated, and the the temperature rise is not commensurate (corresponding in size or degree; in proportion) with it.

  8. When AOC said "Long live the King" and cast Mufasa off a cliff into a raging pack of wildebeests, i felt that hard… <3 #metwo

  9. LOL. Another huge floparoo for the propagandists! XD So this week we have WaPo propagandists laid off, more Twitter heads rolling, CNN still hemorrhaging $$$….good times!

  10. Oh my God the ratioing of this silly girl is so awesome. Besides the BS premise, her entire crew and the courageous souls saving us from ourselves is basically a comedy. They are either delusional idiots and knowingly lying. These people are in a comedy movie and don't even know it. Life is getting a little to close for comfort to the movie "Idiocracy".

  11. "we are in a fight for the heart of the democratIC party"… too stooopid to even know it is NOT the democratIC party, it IS the democrat party…. aka commies

  12. The question has to be, do you want to watch this trailer continue for another hour. And if your answer is yes, the Canadian government offers a simpler solution of assisted suicide.

  13. how about you debate your political opponents, oh yeah, cuz YOURE FULL OF S…T and no political propaganda movie is ever gonna change your ugly ideology (STALIN, LENIN, HITLER, MAO….etc) SOCIALISM IS ROOT OF ALL EVIL IN A FREE SOCIETY!!!! but hey, you cant learn from history if you dont listen or even change it to your liking 😉

  14. This movie is like AOC and her husband: no matter how many times they’re plugging it, nobody is coming.

  15. Embarrassing. This only really caters to the smoothbrains called Gen Z. Nobody else is gullible or sad enough to believe anything that comes from that petulant liars mouth.

  16. Here we have another example of Narcissism and unfortunately this person will be in the politics for all her career. God help us all

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