THRILLER: Dick Tracy meets Gruesome (1947) | Full Movie starring Boris Karloff

Dick Tracy meets Gruesome is also known as Dick Tracy’s Amazing Adventure or Dick Tracy Meets Karloff 🔎 Full Length 1947 movie starring Boris Karloff 🔎 Just out of jail, Gruesome goes to the Hangman’s Knot saloon, where his old crime crony, Melody, is now playing piano. Gruesome takes him to a plastics manufacturer, where X-Ray (Skelton Knaggs) and a mysterious mastermind are in possession of a secret formula and hatching a sinister plot.

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🎬 Movie genre: Thriller / Action / Crime

✨ Dick Tracy meets Gruesome movie cast:

Boris Karloff as Gruesome – A corpse-like gangster.
Ralph Byrd as Dick Tracy – The tough, square-jawed detective
Anne Gwynne as Tess Truehart – Tracy’s girlfriend, who witnesses the bank robbery
Skelton Knaggs as Rudolph X-Ray – Gruesome’s spectacled henchman
Edward Ashley as Dr. Lee Thal – an interested party.
June Clayworth as Dr. I.M. Learned – Prof. Tomic’s assistant
Lyle Latell as Pat Patton – Tracy’s bumbling sidekick
Tony Barrett as ‘Melody’ Fiske – A greedy, piano-playing thug
James Nolan as Dan Sterne – A nosy newspaper reporter
Joseph Crehan as Chief Brandon – Tracy’s reliable boss
Milton Parsons as Dr. A. Tomic – a State U. physicist

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