Three solid minutes of Tedisms to make your day | Line Of Duty – BBC

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Bent coppers and the detectives sent to stop them. AC-12 isn’t here to make friends. Will their investigations land them deadly enemies?

Line Of Duty | BBC

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  1. One of his expressions I did not get, was "well, back to the coalface, the pair of ya", I've never heard the term "coalface" but found out it means, like at the coalface of the mine, referring to the thoughts and actions of the people who are actually doing the job where real work is done not just where people talk about it, as in engaged in work at an active rather than a theoretical level in a particular field.

  2. I love the character Ted, and being that Adrian Dunbar is able to understand the character so well, he surely must have similar qualities, at least I love to believe that – in the world we live in today, people like Ted are too rare. Ted is someone who has integrity and humility, he's the down-to-earth boss we've all wished we had, and AC 12 is the team we all wish we could be a part of, this is one of the most important aspects of successful tv shows – we all want to be a part of a family or team like that.

    Ted's quotes remind me of my grandparents, even though they were born here in the U.S., my grandmother's ancestors are Scots-Irish, and she used to say the exact phrases and others that were similar. And my grandfather's family is from England & Ireland, and things he said were very similar, too, he always used the word, "Fella".

  3. Jesus Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey can we just move this on before it drives us all around the bloody bend

  4. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Wee Donkey, if I find the 101 bent coppers who disliked this, I am going to throw the book at them, followed by the bookshelf!

  5. I’m from Essex relatives are from Dublin and portadown ( very close to where he’s from) 5 minutes in portadown and you talk like them like it or not 😂😂 my grandmother said all of his sayings literally is the way they speak 🤷🏼‍♀️🥰🥰

  6. Just LOVE Ted! He’s up there with my other all-time favourite Tony Soprano. Imagine those two going head to head. I hope they don’t kill him off – the show would be nothing without him.

  7. I'm American, not of Irish descent, but around his age, taught by an order of Irish nuns, went to school with a lot of Irish descent kids and I say "Mother of God" and "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" all the time. 🙂 Sometimes I also say "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and all the saints", too! When my children were young, "God give me strength" was coming out of my mouth constantly!