Thor Vs God Butcher (2022) Final Fight Scene | Thor 4: Love And Thunder 4K Movie Clip

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Children Battle Scene removed due to Guns N Roses Copyright Claim.

Thor Vs God Butcher (2022) Final Fight Scene | Thor: Love And Thunder 4K Movie Clip
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  1. Ohhhhh another bad-ass woman character a franchise didn't need but gets added anyways to appease the masses.

  2. The movie was ok, didn’t care for all the woke stuff. Bale’s character was a joke. Just pure lazy writing

  3. I don't mind the comedy aspect, but why does it have to be the gorr storyline…… literally one of the coolest thor storyline. Taika should've adapt another story bruh….. this looks like a joke

  4. Pleas all Thor and Jane Foster in love and thunder scènes and fights with hammers and thunderbolt all the moment and thank you im witing

  5. Gorr beat the 3 strongest Thors at the same time in the comics, "glad" to see he got the mcu hulk treatment

  6. I could hardly last through this clip. I cannot imagine the endless torture of bordom the complete film must be.

  7. He learned from Steve, Tony and his Father, about their leadership styles and crisis handling and how he was going to go about relationships and how to meet people as they came to him, he was not going to corrupt young children but empower them with the means to protect their innocence and keep their honor. Instead of cursing his enemy he blessed his people, that was the moment he became the All Father he was meant to become- not just the god of thunder but a lord of light!

  8. 80 percent good movie – 20 percent well, for lack of better words – Disney :|. Thinking from this point forward 'Disney' should become an adjective for good ideas dumbed down for 12 year olds. Both Thor and Loki have been treated like a joke in the MCU.

  9. Very nice sharing keep it up my friend ☺️ stay safe always inshallah full support 🙏🙏🙏

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