This poor deer got trapped in an electric fence…

Of all the animals we rescue here at Wildlife Aid, deer can be some of the most dangerous. Even a roe deer (one of the smaller species we have in the UK) can cause major injury with both antlers and feet if not approached correctly!

This male (known as a buck) had become badly tangled in electric fencing and had torn up the ground trying to get free. Luckily, Jacob and Lawrie were soon on the way to help!

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  1. Well done lads. He was a gonna for sure with a prolonged death by exposure if it wasn't for you guys.

  2. It would have been nice if it could have just stopped and looked back to say thank you for freeing me.

  3. You guys must go home buzzing with happiness and joy …. like all rescuers I imagine….. every last one of you are legends and I hope you’re good will gets repaid back to you tenfold 🙏👏♥️

  4. If not for your team and you, this deer would have perished. TY to the person who called you. God bless all of you.

  5. Since he ran forward, but to the forest at his right,
    I imagine he may normally traverse that eastern forest in the same direction but something (predator, sound, etc) scared him into wanting to take a detour, and a vast plain with clear line of sight is a good option.. Without human interference on the environment, anyway xp

  6. Tackling a potentially tricky situation with calm and expertise, as usual. Well done guys. I'm so happy the deer was set free.

  7. Loving this gracious gratefull "Thanks!", from the bottem of his heart. It 'bowed' to you guys. Allmost exactly as a happy elephant trumpetting of joy.

  8. 🐪🐪🐃🐫🐖👍🔥🔥🐄🐑🐏🐐🐂🐂🐑👍🦙🦙🐃🐖🐖🐫

  9. Poor deary (deery)! Is it no longer custom to shield their eyes while you work on deer? <3 Good job, guys!

  10. Seems deer are usually more scared when you approach, is it really so?
    Or are they also sometimes very calm and understand quickly that you want to help?

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