This Morning’s Top Headlines – Oct. 5

President Biden tours damage in Florida caused by Hurricane Ian, Russian President Putin rubber-stamps the annexation of four Ukrainian regions, and abortion allegations against Herschel Walker rock Georgia’s Senate race.  

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  1. There are no "negotiations". You don't negotiate with terrorists and pseudo dictators that are invading your country. Ukraine should get ALL territory back, including Crimea.

  2. Why does everyone want to be governed by people that absolutely hate them! They take over the crops and only produce food that has no nutritional value, make inflationary prices on everything far exceeding economic growth rates in household incomes. This includes both sides of the same coin. On top of that everyone is be exterminate like roaches because no one can take their head out of their phones to even look up and see the spraying being done on a daily basis. Is everyone so blind they can't see that the leaders have declared war on them. Well it really doesn't matter now because the tally is in and its not good. The controllers will complete the task of sustainable development aka (pop reduction) removing 7.5 billion humans by "2025"! The situation can be looked at this way everyone is traveling at the speed of 100 mph toward a concrete wall and now everyone is 5 feet from sudden impact!!! What can you do? Just Smile everyone chose this path. Proof? geoengineeringwatchDOTorg. Creditable data from a Creditable source!!!

  3. Remove those who want to move to Airbnb in Mexico, and 🚫 not shelters.Mexico sent the first hot meals during Karina.
    The solution is to remove the survivors.

  4. Thank God Biden is going to Florida, now they are all saved. What a waste of tax payers money. Stay home and let the adults take care of this Mr. President.

  5. dead end America,
    Precisely too insidious.
    The dark moon and wind destroy the North Stream,
    What is the difference between robbery.

    Poor and pathetic European politicians,
    Was bought to help count the money.
    The world situation is changing quietly,
    Peaceful coexistence concentric circles.

  6. This Moderator i mean the Black girl.wery wery nice,attraktiv intelligent. God bless se

  7. Surely Florida is gonna pull itself up by its bootstraps and not suckle at the teat of the federal government for assistance

  8. Once 'Classified Documents' are removed from a secure site, they must be considered to be compromised! Which means that everything Trump took must be thrown away and never to be recognized or used again by the United States Gov. Gone! And they must inform all parties compromised to do the same! BROKEN ARROW! This is why it is critical for the DOJ to have these files in a timely manner before Putinski can use them further! TRUMP is a TRAITOR. HOW MANY MORE TIMES MUST WE IGNORE THE OBVIOUS PEOPLE!

  9. Why don’t we send Trump to Russia help these people in conflict and Biden taking care of issues here? What are you all waiting for!! Jesus no one wins Wars as this race goes on ! Now we got the Korean guy throwing nuclear bombs across Japan Yes

    Is this world still here? Will really be here tomorrow after IMPACT😢

  10. Grown men! so called Gentlemen🥹 Please get it together! Florida NEEDS EVERYTHING NOW

  11. Why read Rick's horrible lies out loud on TV? Don't you know people only half listen and hear hee read his statement as if it were this channel's opinion? Stop quoting the fascists!

  12. just what is going on with governor desantis wife's disaster fund? tried to apply for help for my family in Cape Coral and there is no way to apply for help, just a bunch of ways to donate. dont take my word for it go to the web site and see for yourself. who exactly is all these millions going to help? how do the people who need help apply for assistance? who exactly will all these millions of dollars be going to if not the people who's lives have been turned upside down by this storm?

  13. If I remember correctly about 3 years ago those white Christian conservatives and their god king Trump told my state rake leaves when we were dealing with forest fires. I will give them nothing but silence.

  14. I booked a flight to Florida for Sunday. I will spend the next week volunteering with Team Rubicon USA to clear properties of trees and debris with chainsaw and heavy equipment crews Just a drop in a bucket of needs to be filled. Every drop counts, never give up!

  15. These past few days watching my portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn't really profit much, any idea how on how to earn better on the short run?

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