This Morning’s Top Headlines – Oct. 3

Rescue efforts are underway in Florida following devastation brought by Hurricane Ian, President Biden visits Puerto Rico to survey damage from Hurricane Fiona, and a new NBC News poll shows Democrats’ support among Latino voters is slipping ahead of the midterms. 

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  1. Very Devastating. This is going to continue.untill this wicked Pharaoh Herod Rome Beast System. Set GRAND MASTER JAY YAHUWAH Anointed Hebrew Yahsharaylite so-called BLACK Servant, from the Priestly Tribe of Levi Free from the false bogus unfounded charges.

  2. Do the latino's know who's been blocking anything great for our people? They're saying they want to switch votes to the very party who's blocking pretty much everything the average Americans needs. If Republicans win the house, We the people will have our rights and the needs to live away. Republicans are for corporations and Democrats are for the people. Republicans don't even think minimum wage should be raised. When in reality we all know the minimum wage doesn't pay for a roof over our heads as it is now.

  3. To answer the gentleman who asked, "What can I do next?"

    Simple, don't be stupid enough to rebuild on a flood plain next to a swamp.

    What needs to be done at a state level is not to give anyone under any circumstances the ability to live in known areas that are flood prone.
    They're called flood plains for a reason.
    2. Any realtor that tries to sell property in known flood prone areas should required to tell the potential client that there is the guarantee that they will receive flood damage at least once sometime within the next 20 years.
    Second, insurance companies should require both home and business owners to have flood damage included in their policy to receive any type of coverage.
    Unfortunatelt, government does'.nt care, realtors care less, and insurance companies are like, You mean, we'll have to pay? B…b.. but that means I won't be able to by a new car every six months for me and my wife and children and we'll be forced to live in a $900,000 house instead of the $1,000,000 we're living in now?

  4. So Devastating. My heart aches for all those in Florida. Sending Prayers to these poor People that has lost everything. God Send them Straight to get through this Horrific Storm of Carnage. Unbelievable site of such damage.

  5. Florida Planning and Zoning should be held responsible for the over crowding of both residences and businesses. The shoe horning of people into beach communities that are always at risk for hurricanes and storm surge is beyond comprehension.

  6. Maybe policies for building in this area need to change. Homes need t be built to withstand this kind of weather. Maybe some zones, beautiful as they are, are not right for building permanent homes.

  7. All that salt water ruins everything it soaks. Rusty cars, trucks, tools. So much destruction and loss of life. 😔

  8. It kills me that people vote for republicans when republicans have consistently denied relief, even for their own constituents. But then they also voted against the infrastructure bill. Dems are trying to move forward and republicans are trying to take us back to the Stone Age. 🤦‍♂️

  9. Of course people don't buy flood insurance, knowing that The Federal Government will bail them out AFTER a disaster. Many of these people are the anti-big-government MAGAs.

  10. Is this the first time a hurricane devastates Florida? It seems like it is. Otherwise, no one would had chosen to live there. Florida is called by many "the playground of the rich." Isn't it more like the destruction trap of the rich?

  11. Yes I can understand what happened I been therw it to still can't live in my home road's never got repair just the thief stolen a lot of my stuff now I been home less since 2017

  12. We don't need you down here Biden!
    You talking real soft as you try to "MAKE LOVE" to the camera for political reasons isn't something we're interested in.

  13. The US owes Puerto Rico reparations for 124 years of Colonial enslavement, exploitation and violations of Humans Rights not just for damages suffered due to IAN. Release the restrictions imposed by Treason Trump and release the $16 billion in aid for damages due to hurricane Maria. Biden is right when he says the US owes us much. To quote Biden. "It's not hyperbole".

    🇺🇦 Putin's followers are a pathetic joke.
    🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine and glory to the heroic Ukrainian soldiers

  15. I've been through 911 and hurricanes sandy and Irene…its devastating and takes years to recover mentally and physically…very thankful to helpful neighbors..lets work together ❤

  16. Amazing to think some people still think they can 'ride out' a hurricane and expect to survive. When are people going finally decide it is futile and counter productive to rebuild out on the barrier islands. If they do continue this madness, they should do so own their own with NO government encouragement such as insurance or rebuilding loan assistance. Due to climate change and the resulting sea level rise, people will have to retreat from these low lying areas before mid century and it is only a matter of how many more times 100's of billions are spent to rebuild them.

  17. God bless all you Rescue crews and helpers, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis “voted against aid for hurricane Sandy victims, Matt Gaetz votes against hurricane relief money in home state of Florida after Hurricane Ian devastation, Sen. Rick Scott was among the minority of 25 Senate Republicans who voted against this legislation, as did every Florida Republican in the House, including those representing storm-torn areas. Why do Floridians continue to vote for these guys

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