This Morning’s Top Headlines – Dec. 9

Brittney Griner returns to U.S. soil after her high-profile prisoner swap, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema announces she is leaving the Democratic party, and the LGBTQ community pushes for more protections following Thursday’s landmark bill. 

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  2. I have commented on other news stories I hear all the conversation and discussion about this Britney Griner basketball player getting to come home which is good for her but on the other hand it's not fair to the other people that have been imprisoned falsely wrongly by Russian officials for years and years already they should have been the first ones to get to come home before Brittany that's just my opinion it's wrong with our government and the president of the United States did I don't care what their reasons

  3. Hey man she committed a crime she knew that she was carrying the stuff and she should have known the laws long ago she's been there many times I think it's a shame that she was released and the other still said in in prison but that's money that speaks for you just money

  4. Russia is an evil Empire just like President Ragan😮said A country that human rights are not important

  5. Putin, keep your Spy Thugs out of these United States of America–permanently. They are not wanted inside of this Country–EVER!!!

  6. Send the criminal back , releasing criminals back out into our street's is just another democratic failed policy, pathetic lunatics ! Seams like thier always black ?

  7. If you every think about making a movie of this, make sure you get Tom Hanks, (Bridge of Spies) to play the part he'll be able to bring both of them home.

  8. One of the things they tell you is "Do not get busted in a foreign country." They traded a successful entrepreneur for a pothead.
    They left the Patriot behind.

  9. This young lady are so horrified with such many,many months of unknowingly circumstance,n no reasonable way for a lock away prison cell hopefully she have more inner connections strength alone with father god above looking down below continue covering and helping with healing.

  10. Two Joe Manchins, we’ll see. Sinema forgot that Arizonians VOTED 4 a DEM, NOT an I. Switch on your own time! Traitor like Trump

  11. So it turns out that Its Joe Biden who is a Russian puppet. If Trump had let the murderous arms dealer go, it would be Russia Russia Russia. NBC is full of hypocrisy.

  12. Woo independence let’s go to same reason why I voted independent two party system is broken

  13. Ridiculous if that was the price she should have stayed in place. A minor Celebrity being released in exchange for a weapons dealer. Now Putin has what he wants, and we have one less bargaining chip. How selfish can you be BG?

  14. That was a dirty punk move from Sinema, this has republican written all over it. She is a traitor a disgusting person not respected by Arizonans. She won't be re elected. Remove her from committees, impeach her.

  15. The biggest story.

    Biden is illegitimate.

    And the Fake News Enemy of the People,
    The FBI,
    And Big Tech were all in on Squashing Free Speech,
    All in on the Lies and the Cover-Up.

    We Cannot Trust The Fake News, the Woke Tech, Big Government or the Transgressive Democrat Woke Cult.

  16. Remember Weiland was captive during the Trump Administration and he did nothing but Chum up to Putin. Finding is just cleaning up trumps m e s s

  17. Unfortunately Russia is using these people us captives as ponds political ponds and Whelan seem to be more valuable to them than Griner; weapons dealers are worse look at Haiti right now from weapons dealer selling guns to gangs

  18. This is such a spit in the face for all those families and countries that suffered from this weapon dealers hand.

  19. This is what this sick world has come to. Releasing the bad and punishment for the good marine.

  20. She should of been left to rot in Russia. We have an anti American in exchange for a terrorist ,meanwhile an American hero still sits in Russia . This is so wrong.

  21. Who cares 😂 The Biden administration screws up daily. She should have been left behind for breaking the law she already knew . Wasn't just a simple mistake. She blatantly did what she did thinking she would have no repercussions

  22. SOS i SOS SOS International help the real coup plotters, massacring and SILENCING the Peruvian people as in the 90's x FUJIMORI we demand immediate resignation of the TRAITOR congressmen WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE the USURPER wing, Lima besieged. Release of the Peruvian President and his Family. Coup plotters WILL ALL BE PROSECUTED, MILITARY WITH THE RIGHT COERCED AGAINST THE PRESIDENT OF PERU who did the mess kongress oea fujimori, mininter,…..

  23. Biden is real human with a heart ❤️ thank you sir ! Not like trump who imagine things beyond human brain 🧠 sanity and rules greed – now look at trump ! Good job our President! 😮😅

  24. These situations should also serve as warnings to other U.S. citizens….be very careful where you travel and what you do. And perhaps just avoid certain countries altogether.

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