This Morning’s Top Headlines – Dec. 2

President Biden hosts French President Emmanuel Macron to the White House for his administration’s first state dinner, political heavyweights hit the campaign trail ahead of Georgia’s Senate runoff election, and the Senate passes a railroad worker labor agreement, averting a strike ahead of the holidays. 

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  1. Joe Biden is a national disgrace and an existential threat to the security of the United States.

  2. Отец🐼. ЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫ. ОЛЕНЗО. 🇷🇺🌍Уничтожь.

  3. I m from France – this year our government put cap on energy prices, so gasoline was almost the same as prewar, diesel is little bit higher, gas and electricity the same. Next year something goes little bit up and something down ( i do not remember which – gas or electricity prices down), cancelled tax on property. I live in the south of France – tax on own house used to be quite high. Now – next year half reduced, after next year – no tax. Also if one spouse does not work another pays almost no tax. All in all – i m glad Macron is second time president. Can not say the same about usa – prices are up and all that stuff.

  4. BULL S.!
    They hate us like there's no tomorrow.
    Those escargot dungBrains love to feed off us.
    Remember that France hosted Khomeini, whose regime is still killing and torturing freedom loving women and men, including LGBTQ folks.
    And not to mention the hosting of General M. Oun who destroyed Lebanon and its economy.
    Let me tell you about the French;
    It was a cold and windy weather at the Gare Du Nord train station, I thought I could wait for my train at the "Star Bucks" café there.
    I went in and ordered a large latte and what looked like a Ham n Cheese sandwich.
    It was "packed", but luckily there was a "French" gee sitting at a large table by his lonesome.
    I approached the "frog" and politely asked him if I could sit at the table. I should have been as rude as the French are and just sat my butt there.
    No, I had to be a polite tourist and ask first.
    The Frog said, "NO!!!".
    The only other places available were outside in the rain and cold wind.
    I was surprised at the response.
    But monsieur, there is plenty of space at your table and the weather is horrible outside.
    The Frog again, "I don't care" (saying that with the usual arrogant French accent and the tilting of head n shoulder and pressing his lips down).
    Me trying to hold on to my suite case, the dish and the large latte with almost frozen fingers (I suffer from Raynaud syndrome), I decided to sacrifice the sandwich and the dish into his stu…pid lap.
    I should have dropped the hot latte, but I needed the warmth.
    Effin Frog!
    He couldn't do anything, because I was too big of a fella for his escargot butt.
    Then I left to sit somewhere else. And thank heavens the train was not late.

    N.B. I did not say any of those offensive words at that moment, I used them to express my frustrations when I wrote this comment.

    I do however need to note that the ONLY time I was well received, and a good service was at best, was when I frequented the St. Michelle area where the cafés, bars and restaurants were owned by ethnic folks.

  5. Do you really want sick people running millions of pounds of freight through cities including hazardous waste and materials who don't feel good and might be handicapped? Really, do airline pilots get sick leave? Politicians should not be deciding the fate of these railroad workers.

  6. 民主主義は、終焉なのです。 時代に逆行する。 反キリスト派です。

  7. What a way to spend your tax money, don't you love these millionaires making fools out of Americans.

  8. Be careful NBC reporters, you know what will happen if you report truth that doesnt fit NBCs sickening agenda. Smells like a socialist news outlet doesnt it? America is aware of you NBC!!!

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