Things You WOULDN’T Hear on a Property Show 😂 Mock The Week

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DIY SOS like you’ve never seen before…🤔

Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis look back at some of the news from the week with guests Angela Barnes, Alasdair Beckett-King, Rhys James, Ria Lina and Josh Pugh.

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  1. Ending the program was a very bad decision.
    Give it a break and bring it back in a few years. Please.

  2. "I like the property, but I do have one question: What's with the elephant in the living room?… Oh, I'm NOT supposed to mention that? Sorry."

  3. Ok Mr Bull, let’s take a look at the new sitting room. Ooooh, you’ve had the cowboys in here.

  4. For sale studio space. One previous legless owner. Looks a bit like the megabus man crossed with Gru.

  5. This property comes with an original wood burning stove which ideal if you need the insurance money.

  6. After attending the auction without his wives permission the new owner found himself in the doghouse. It was the only thing they could afford.

  7. I'm thinking a couple of extensions at the front and one at the back end but enough about your wife, as for the building.

    This is an affordable first buyers home, and very spacious for a cardboard box.

    I'm thinking an extension on the front and removing some of the unnecessary insulation in the middle but enough about your husband, as for the building.

    Yes this building has changed hands a lot recently, nothing to do with the building, the tennents were just shit at their jobs. No number 10 isn't the only one on the market, we have a high turn around in all properties on downing Street.

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