The Wild Man | Full Bigfoot Monster Horror Movie HD


PLOT: The skunk ape, also known as the Florida Bigfoot has been rumored to be responsible for several murders in South Florida. A documentary crew sets out to uncover the truth.

CAST: Lauren Crandall, Julian Green, Mike Reed, David E. McMahon, Michael ParΓ©

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  1. Why is it that every movie with some one in the opening scenes running turns about to be so crap?

  2. The Viking had stories of large hairy people with black eyes and they smelled. They also wrote about dog headed men/

  3. Nah. Thought it be a bigfoot/s with leading role. Not humans and more humans so nope zero interest in this one

  4. Well i paid $2.99 to see this steaming turd on Amazon – probably because I'm a masochist – but sure wish i had seen it free on here instead.

  5. I really don't love how they make conservatives look like crazy inbred idiots.

    The acting is pretty terrible. Seriously tho….the camera guy is hilarious πŸ˜‚. Favorite line was. "Heeeelllll NO! That is some bullSHIT!"

  6. I am going to watch & enjoy this Video just so I can say, YEAH, I SEEN IT, YA'LL. Enjoy the horror FICTION STORY. Thanks: JUSTIFIED FILMS LLC & all the people who made it possible. Kudos to THE MONSTER!

  7. She's so very stupid,like the Blair witch content,even tho that's true the gal who played it was more insane then that old witchy woman

  8. For her benefit no one else wants it she's gone off the deep end, she's not going to make it out at all

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