1. vale a pena assistir apenas e tão somente para ver Alexandra Daddario

  2. So bad show but great people. Just it's so bad like can we get somewhere fun with this waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen.

  3. I can not believe that BLM has not protested against this movie. It has the word WHITE in the title of the movie. This movie is racist.

  4. I really enjoyed this unusual show. Always some crazy ish happening lol, love it

  5. i only opened this cause i love the Avatar. cant even begin to explain the disappointment

  6. watching dog shitting is better , rather than watch this cheap movie.

  7. the only thing that went well on this trailer is alexandra Daddario otherwise is very confusing

  8. Yes, like others here have said, I too clicked on here for a certain reason. But that aside, in the words of today: This seems absolutely, unwatchably cringy. And not cringy in a "Curb Your Enthusiasm", watch through your fingers entertaining way, but in fingernails on the blackboard way. Everyone here looks and behaves in a privileged, annoying, self-important manner and I all hope they meet their deserved end.

  9. garbage. complete waste of your time. This will not improve your life at all.

  10. I have to say, after seeing the thumbnail on Prime, I entered this trailer hoping it would generate more interest in watching it. It did not.

  11. OK…. I thought this was a movie trailer at first. When it ended I realized I didn't catch even the slightest hint of a plot. I'm not even sure it's a show but nothing makes it look interesting. It seems like lots of shows are aiming to be the "background noise" shows be they get so many viewers. They ride every line so the content isn't offending anyone but it's also not anything… It's almost just like someone's daily life polished & filmed.

  12. Dude that was The longest 2:42 secs of my life. . I was like wait how long was I watching ?

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