1. I am overjoyed to see the genuine love that Brendan Fraser is receiving. I hope this is a comeback for a man that honestly deserves it – great actor and such a humble man!

  2. Cannot wait to watch this! Brendan Frasier is not only a national treasure but he is beloved throughout the world!

  3. He better start getting in shape again for Encino Man two That’s a movie society really needs right now

  4. So he did this to himself for a movie role? Ok well thank god, I certainly hope he goes back to being hot soon.

  5. So good to see him back on top he’s been through hell I bet now he gets to do what he was put on earth to do powerful men are evil

  6. I look forward to seeing this. I may actually go to the theater this time and not wait for streaming.

  7. Crunch Bar advertisement before a movie about a presumably wonderfully-hearted obese man.


    But love Brendan :).

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