1. Is this an "Origin Story Anthology Prequel"?

    Is this a sequel that skips ahead thousands of years to when they complete the journey, and now the task is to reestablishing life during the thaw out phase around a new sun?

    How does this tie in to the first movie?!

  2. Ok, 1. Evolution was is and only ever will be a theory without any evidence at all. 2. The arrogance part is correct because mankind cannot destroy this planet. We can mess it up some but not destroy. The Bible explains what’s happening to the earth and the end of this earth. That’s the way it is wether we choose to believe it or not it’s still true and inevitable.

  3. the scenes look mixed with 2 other films, just cant think of there names… the one with the shield over the city and alien ai attack plus another one

  4. okay China. discarded, will find on a dvd/bluray on a garage sales by next year with a bunch of others.

  5. If we can put a a monkey on the moon then in time we can bring the moon to the monkey.

  6. This a prequel. What happed prior to the original Movie. Looking forward to seeing it. Anybody knows when it will be released in the US?

  7. What's worse than Americans playing the saviors of the world in their movies? The Chinese playing the saviors of the world in their movies.

  8. "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." —Lolly Daskal

  9. The first one even if it wasnt amazing, it still stayed on my mind after years of watching but this looks kinda random like a whole diff movie…

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