THE VOLCANO: Rescue from Whakaari | Official Trailer | Netflix

A minute-by-minute account of tourists caught in a tragic volcanic eruption while sightseeing on an island off New Zealand in 2019, THE VOLCANO: Rescue from Whakaari celebrates the survivors, as well as the everyday people who courageously came to their rescue.


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THE VOLCANO: Rescue from Whakaari | Official Trailer | Netflix



  1. Ok..I have some questions..first of all if someone went up to Grizzly to snap a photo and he mauled a guy he'd be considered a moran..But walking into a volcano and it boils people alive is a tragedy..Every indication was in place not to visit this place..Like the lack of life,the heated up ground,the waiver they signed listing next of kin..Not to mention the 3 year cycle of eruptions was on its 3rd year..They even had 90 minute boat ride to think about it..This is NOT a tragedy this is more stupid human shit..Frigin retards

  2. Truly horrifying experience for the survivors. I've seen the images of the burns. Cant put into words what that must've felt during the eruption. Truly sad for everybody involved.

  3. When I finished watching this I looked up the article that was mentioned at the end. If you think what the survivors and rescuers described in the doc was horrific, it was a million times worse. What those rescuers saw and experienced… truly devastating.

  4. I was there with my mum 2 weeks before the eruption and we knew many of the guides who past away and most of the locals interviewed for the documentary watching this made me cry so much because of the pain of people who passed and survived are going through

  5. Watched it last night. What makes me wonder is, how come the authorities/agencies (geologist etc) did not warn the tourism agency on the volcano activity? Or were there is no records at all? This is something that can be avoided.

  6. What a unbelieveable documentary this is! The will to survive and the heroic actions of those helicopter pilots who were not trained or authorised rescuers but just regular tourist sight seeing pilots who did not hesitate.

  7. Incredibly powerful, intense, beautiful, and heart breaking documentary! A story well worth sharing. What a disappointing response from NZ rescuers and government. They should be ashamed of themselves. Hats off to the pilots and crew who risked their lives to help others.

  8. I made a more compassionate comment just prior to this one to separate tragedy from Blame…
    Once those blood suckers ( Attorneys) appear, what they do sickens me to my core!

    These people have to bare some responsibility for why they are where they are now in their recovery, & sadly those who passed away….

    You watch the 60min Australia episode & the MOMENT you see an attorney being interviewed
    She blames the Cruise liner operators, & the tour operators but not a single victim bares any responsibility?
    THESE people weren't 5 yr old toddlers they were ADULTS! Adults who signed waivers B4 hand, given Gas masks, protective head gear, one of the victims interviewed in this rescue documentary said she was nervous from the moment they stepped on the island & asked the tour guides the last time it had erupted which was recent… Their is a boiling acid Lake, Sulfur chimneys spewing sulfur and gas coming out from the ground, Smoke billowing from the volcano before setting foot on it
    AND YET bare no responsibility for being on top of this ACTIVE VOLCANO ?!?!?!?
    **BUT THERE IS ONE CAVEAT, regarding BLAME..
    One party who people rely on when making there own safety assessment, a party that has the strength to ease those concerns and fears……
    They should justifiably be sued, made to pay every cent of medical bills, mental health counseling, last wages and so forth….

    I imagine that those charters, tours, cruise lines all had to apply through the government to create a business that can even do those things!!!!
    But NEW ZEALAND GOVT DIDNT BECAUSE IT GENERATES vacationer Revenue…The govt wasn't going to remove an attraction that lure in more and more 💲💲💲💲

    What a terrible tragedy though and I wasn't trying to place more grief and blame of those poor folks …

    Why people evade their own personal responsibility in these types of tragedies OFTEN COMES FROM FEAR 5HAT IF THEY DO PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEM THEY LOSE ANY FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THE ASTRONOMICAL Medical bills, lost wages, employment,home etc….,BECAUSE THAT IS SADLY WHAT OFTEN HAPPENS as well

  9. 1st thing, Hats off to the crew members of the tour boat who Volunteered to """STAY ON AN ERUPTING VOLCANO""" with the dead & injured who weren't able to make it onto the initial boat that those crew members came off of to shuttle survivors to the mainland KNOWING THAT it would be HOURS before that boat or ANY other rescue boats could make it back to them .They run that route daily ferrying tourists back and forth. . Volcanoes typically don't belch once and call it a day,.typically that initial eruption is a catalyst for more to follow whether it's a minor one or another Tonga style volcano eruption…
    ESPECIALLY WE HEN YOU ARE LOOKING DIRECTLY AT WHAT IS IN STORE FOR YOU if it does erupt again before more help comes…

  10. I laughed all the way through…If you decided to go and stand on a Volcano to take pictures for the clout…Then that’s funny….They read the forms and saw the signs and decided to ignore them…Now you all look like boiled franks 🤣🤣🤣

  11. One thing I know about NZ disasters is the people are good but it's the bureaucracy that holds everything back. When disaster strikes, people do whatever it takes to sustain life but in NZ sometimes you need permission from an agency to cut down a special tree to access survivors like in Pike River Mine disaster.

  12. This documentary really struck a chord with us and on hearing about the eruption in December 2019 directly affecting tourists. Myself and my now husband visited this island in December 2011. It was him who wanted to see the island and I went along just for the experience with him – I suppose I didn't put alot of thought into it and went along with the fact that if hundreds of people visited monthly it couldn't be that dangerous and that checks on safety were made daily🙈. How wrong was I when this is mother nature. This Netflix documentary is so poignant and the reality of what could happen putting so many people at risk. It's 90 minutes to get there and get back so makes it even harder to escape and get help if there is any issue and you are in the middle of nowhere. I spent practically the entire journey there being sick too which spoiled the whole experience and there were others – not sure this was highlighted to tourists at the time how bad the sea sickness could be. God bless all those that lost their lives and to the survivors who continue to rebuild their lives after such a traumatic event. My thoughts are with them all xx

  13. ❤ I think of all the people who have died. and wish the survivors strength to endure. 🥺

  14. You people can sit and judge but yet how many people go see Yellowstone volcano?? Come on! Yes being on an island is different and the crew should have taken it way more serious, but people your Mother Nature everyday. Volcanos are everywhere, waterfalls, rafting you name it. Stop judging these poor people m.

  15. As soon as they saw the lake was not the regular clear blue, everyone should have gotten back on the boats IMMEDIATELY. Couldn’t believe they didn’t turn the groups around when the lake was completely ash.

  16. I sobbed at this documentary. Incredible. Thank you so much h for telling the stories of those who were strong and those who were weak and those who did not make it.

  17. I'm REALLY trying to understand why they went to the island knowing that it can erupt at any moment. Then when it finally does erupt the people break out their cameras instead of running 🏃‍♀️. I guess I would have to ask them. If I ever had the chance, I would ask EVERY SINGLE PERSON. I need some clarity. I feel bad that people died and got hurt. I guess they never thought it would actually erupt.

  18. Don't get me wrong, I feel for the people that died and got hurt. But seriously I would bungy jump before I go to a active volcano. And bungy jumping is at the VERY bottom of my bucket list. I pray for the dead and the injured and their families. And i will bet my last dollar that if they had the chance to do it again I bet they wouldn't do it.

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