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Strategy, suspicion and deception 🧐

Set in the Scottish Highlands, The Traitors is a new reality competition hosted by Claudia Winkleman.

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  1. I binged on the first 3 episodes today. Love it! It's addictive and good new concept. Different. Really enjoyable. They aren't going to catch the traitors as their mind set is wrong. It's not big brother where you nominate who you don't get on with and herd mentality follows and those that don't follow suit are deemed as traitors. I wish they would start thinking 'ok as a traitor you would want to liked, not stand out, be one of them.' Just nominate who you trust most who you definitely don't think is a traitor as guaranteed they are playing their best innocent game
    It's working too, they least suspect the 2 women traitors. Vote for who you least suspect and most trust!!

  2. it's OK, not great imho , first of : Why so many celebs?, or specifically chosen participants , would of felt much more authentic and real, if it had been random members of the public, secondly having 2 different teams against each other, with let's say 2 traitors infiltrating each team is far more interesting, than the format used….i liked what happened at the beginning of episode 1, where 2 contestants were eliminated even before really starting.. unfortunately though this is a one trick pony and isn't going to be useable again…..clearly the design borrows and has been hugely influenced by the MMORPG "Among Us" with a few alterations that imho actually make it less interesting….but that's just me..

  3. Even though john and theo are not the traitors they are just so annoying in my opinion. I really like how the traitors are playing their tactics

  4. Going to be so interesting to see how this plays out ratings-wise. Thursday's show was beaten by I am a Celebrity, the coming out show. It's had a mixed reception, but i think it will be a guilty pleasure for many. The big press almost admits to its trashiness but says we love it. On Twitter, it got some slamming but now at show 3 people are engaging. People seem interested in the casting and the fact that LOVE doesn't play a role (at the moment at least) I thought the first elimination was a great TV moment.

  5. such a stupid and pathetic game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooooo easy to find the traitors but because they are stupid they will never figure it out

  6. why did they chose as a presenter Claudia Winklerman or what ever ???????????? the worst person who could have been chosen!!!!!!!!!!! very annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wtf is a game show set among the scots called the the traitors . hardly a ambiguous and unbiased title for the British broadcasting company to use > but then is the BBC now a state partial service using the taxes of the uk to double speak a management message ? shame on all who took part

  8. I just watched the Australian version of the show, absolutely loved it, one the best reality shows sense Big Brother and Survivor! And it seems like the British version has MORE drama than the Australian version, so I’m so so excited to see how this goes!

  9. Bunch of luders running around a shagging mansion shouting and screaming that the don’t trust each other and there not able.. is there no block laying or handy garden work jobs around the area lads

  10. They did the mole on Netflix recently which was ok but full of Americans who were there for Instagram followers. With the British public this could be hilarious

  11. Huh, an actually promising social deduction show in the UK. I'm excited, hopefully this does well. If not, Survivor is coming back on the BBC anyway which is the best Reality Gameshow Franchise in the world so I'm not too bothered.

  12. People in the UK have been lacking actual deception based gameshows without public voting for so long so I can't wait for the idea of what reality TV is in the UK to change.

  13. Australian here; we just finished airing our version of the series. Let me say, you are all in for a ride. But please don't go in expecting the mole. It is not that. If anything, it is closer to Mafia/Werewolf. The challenges are designed for the group to earn money, but as the traitors are also playing for that money, there are no saboutages. The game really comes to the fore in the moments where everyone is talking with one another. If you like the moments in reality shows where you see the strategy side being played out, this show is for you. My advice, go in with an open mind.

  14. I just finished watching the Australian series (where I live) and it was really good. So looking forward to the UK one.

  15. This looks like Trapped for adults… aka what most of the kids who grew up watching it are now.

  16. A TV version of the latest craze from about 18 months / 2 years ago of social deduction games, i.e. Among Us?

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