THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE "Mushroom Kingdom" Trailer (NEW, 2023)

THE SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE “Mushroom Kingdom” Trailer (NEW, 2023) Mario Kart, Peach, Mario Animated Movie HD
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  1. they ruined super mario
    you wanna tell me THAT GUY can't JUMP??????
    but let me guess THE WOMAN can do it and she can do it INFINITLY BETTER THEN HIM
    fk the this wolrd and the woke

  2. 0:20 the cap sellers from mario odyssey in the background with the distinctive purple and white.
    God I love the attention to detail they are putting into this. So many easter eggs

  3. Yeah, no. They really screwed the pooch with Chris Pratt.
    He makes a great Guardian of the Galaxy but a shitty Italian plumber.
    And here I was excited that there might finally be a good Mario movie.
    I was 13 when the last one came out and it was just awful.
    This one's not shaping up to be any better. If I do end up watching it, it will be from one of those free movie sites and I'll be turning on CC and muting the movie so I don't have to hear Chris Pratt's shitty Mario voice.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that the trailers are going to make this movie look like a massive love letter to fans, but the actual film will go off of the rails and disappoint.

    I just hope I'm wrong.

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