THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE "Cat Mario Vs. Donkey Kong" Trailer (2023)

THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE “Cat Mario Vs. Donkey Kong” Trailer, Fight Scene (2023)
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  1. Was this movie made because Sonic become successful and they had to bring the fight to the cinema?

  2. According to the completely canon DK cartoon, Seth Rogan should have at least 2 musical numbers in this movie.

  3. I trust that illumination will actually make a banger ass movie. Like they’ve made awesome movies already and I have a feeling that this movie will actually turn out really good.

  4. Oh great, Furry Mario is in this too, just when I think this movie can’t get worse

  5. This looks like a sequence from Popeye the Sailor man which is perfect because DK and Mario were based off Bluto and Popeye

  6. DK is laughing but anyone that plays Mario knows that cat suit is one of the best power ups in the Mario series.

  7. Dk's voice is so good and i love seeing the cat suit and then donkey kong is just dieing of laughter. Cant wait for this movie

  8. So DK is just gonna be “DUDE WEED LMAO” voice? At least people won’t only be mad at Chris Pratt I guess. Jack Black seems to be the only one who’s trying.

  9. VA Rating so far. 1-10

    Mario: 3
    It sounds like an embarrassing dad at a pizza joint trying to be funny with Italian accents.

    Luigi: 9
    Honestly, nothing beats the original but this is easily a close second since it puts a unique spin on Luigi that sounds believable.

    Peach: 6
    Kinda middle of the road honestly. She doesn’t sound dainty enough to be princess peach but being a more genuine, non-damsel in destress type is okay as well.

    Toad: 7
    It’s what I was expecting. Nothing more, nothing less.

    DK: 1
    It’s just Seth rogan…… he’s not even trying to be Donkey Kong. Unfortunate and unacceptable.

    Bowser: 10
    If Nintendo were to make bowser talk in future titles, I want jack black on the scene immediately!

    Penguin King: 5
    Okay but why?

    Kamek: 6
    Okay cool.

  10. strike one! Donkey Kong isn't supposed to talk. Pikachu and Sonic are two characters that made it. 2 more strikes and Illumination's a goner.

  11. I know dashiegames is gonna hate donkey bitch ass now that he’s voiced by Seth rogan

  12. I hope they're re-voicing Mario… 🙁
    It can be Pratt, but everything I've heard sounds like him, not Mario.
    Get him back in the booth, same words & timing, just… more mario-like.

  13. After 12 years of Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) and 10 years of Super Mario 3D World, (Wii U) plus the Nintendo Switch, 2 years ago.

  14. I have a feeling that cat Mario is either gonna dodge or catch donkey kong’s fist when the movie comes out.

  15. It's surreal hearing dk say "now you die" think their gonna reference the old donkey kong game?

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