The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Trailer #1 (2023)

Check out the official trailer for The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck starring Mark Manson!
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US Release Date: 2023
Starring: Mark Manson
Director: Nathan Price
Synopsis: In THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK, the human journey is explored. Happiness comes not from a pill, a nice car, more money or being better looking. True joy, the author tells us, is found in achievement; in the journey of life itself. In this feature documentary adaptation, we will bring this incredibly successful book to the screen with an engaging, thought provoking and entertaining journey into modern life. And in doing so we will allow our audience to take away from the theatre the powerful message that has caught on worldwide. How not to give a f*ck about that which doesn’t matter, and how to love that which does.
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  1. yea… now…., who gives farting hoot about a trailer #1.. 😇🙃 great book, by the way..😉

  2. I wake up every day to learn how to live a carefree, stress-free and perfect life from a rich white guy. PREACH!!!

  3. "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." –Bruce Feirstein

  4. So audiobooks are not good enough anymore I guess. Is there something new or it's just a youtube-like motivational video based on book chapters?

  5. I would’ve never thought this book would be a movie but I’m all here for it. If it can still inspire and dive deep the same way the book did

  6. I understand that a lot of people being skeptical about the movie being the book is not really a narrative book.
    But, if you had the time you can check a lot of 'non-fiction' films like Slavoj Zizek's "The Pervert's Guide…" series.
    And I feel like this movie will be in the same realm of experience as that movie.

  7. What did he call the panda in his book? Sad panda or something of the sorts. No, it was disappointment panda y'all!!!!! It's disappointment panda…

  8. This is weird. I finished this about a month ago. Had no idea it was movie material. Just found it really informative and a great perspective

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