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  1. Just watched the series on netflix. Who knows!!!!!??? All I know for a fact is that the woman who does the stupid dance after she has set up the blood splatter should be sacked and never find work again!

  2. I'm still none the wiser about if he did it or not. Forensics are just bizarre, if he did it then why no splatter patterns? Or maybe it was the Owl.

  3. Daniel Craig does a cameo in this for a bout 4 mins. He comes in as a detective to solve the crime. But walks out when he sees the documentary crew. Then discusses it in Knives Out 2.

  4. Anyone who knows the story spoiler alert just knows this story has no concrete answers. I think the evidence points to his innocence, the blood spatter wasn’t consistent with an attack. There is no real ending wrapped up in a bow, however. Not sure I’ll check out this one unless there is new information on the case. It is just going to be the the same as the documentary, probably with even less information and more added drama that may or may not come from the truth.

  5. This looks great 😛 Curious to see how they paint Mike Peterson in this one.

    P.S. – Colin Firth is a legend!