"The show is just beginning…" #DoctorWho returns in 2023 ❤️❤️➕🔷 Teaser Trailer | @DoctorWho – BBC

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  1. BBC = crap dr. Who has low ratings and no is watching anymore
    Network Exc= hmm i konw make dr.who A MAN again and bring back one the Favorite one of all .

  2. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I could do stand to see NPH as Dr Who, but nobody would buy in to him as British. An American Doctor seems rude somehow.

  3. Anyone else find it interesting that Neil’s costume and Fourteenth Doctor are very similar.

  4. Alonzi!!!!! This is going to be a ride! Climb into the TARDIS and see what happrns next!! I want to watch it so bad! Can't wait to see it!

  5. OMG Donna is back!!!! I haven't seen the Thirteen Doctor series lol cause idk I lost interest. but thank youuuuuu for bringing Donna back

  6. Thank god, getting rid of that last horrible doctor and those ridiculous stories. I might watch doctor who again now, I gave up watching 2 episodes into the last doctor after being a lifetime fan

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