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  1. Very interesting! With the title of the video, I thought this was a sequel following the secret garden 1987 version. Colon Firth played the older version of Colin in that one at the end

  2. What is this woke garbage 🤬
    They ruined it in every way possible
    They even made Dickon black WTF
    She climbed the wall instead of finding the key to open the door.
    What kind Marxist shit propaganda is this 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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  4. I don't remember there being a dog in the book. Still wanna watch it since it has Colin Firth and Julie Walters

  5. If someone comments here that they've seen the whole movie in the trailer…you uneducated fool.

  6. It remind me of an old movie which inever ever remember the name but x a strange reason alwais getvstuck in my head and I'm 33 years old, the beginning was almost the same and this girl meet aboy alike and in cheerwheel, and try to let him go outside and know the world ,wish ithink this is a copy from that movie in a diferent vibe

  7. One of my favorite books. I didn't like how this film is dark-gritty and fantasy. I would have preferred it to be simple and true to the book.

  8. Вже трейлера зрозуміло що це це маячня божевільного маньяка проте як дитина померла і душа не змогла знайти спокою також тісно переплітається з її моменту смерті під час падіння

  9. another useless remake. why spend money on shit we already know? hollywood/ the film biz in general is the biggest and most expensive recycling junkyard.

  10. The first 15seconds, I got a horror movie vibe
    So I wait for the monster that never appear 🤣