THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL Trailer (2022) Charlize Theron

THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL Trailer (2022) Charlize Theron, Fantasy Movie
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  1. The school for good
    and the separate classes for dudebro man-child ego puffed princes who are instructed how to rescue maidens from towers and dragons?

  2. Of course they made the white girl bad and the person of color good was anybody surprised

  3. thank you Rowling for re-energyzing the Phantasy genre of film. As in the 80's every phantasy film was sword and dragon with a wizard thrown in for special effects. it's all been coloured by Rowling, everything is now a HP syphoning. …..

  4. ..

    ..This skeched artist organised with her friends terracts: Trade Center Pentagon 2011, Tsunami 2004, MS Estonia 1994, terracts in metro Moscow 2010, corona virus in 2019. They did it for stealing digital copies of royals bodies and digital copy of my body for financing their own terrorists group. Never publish these artists or you will be considered as sponsor of  terrorism…

  5. A lot of ppl are saying this is a very generic movie. Idk what generic is to them, but just in case they think it's going to be a hero vs villain thing. mild spoilers there are characters that do more good than bad and vice versa, but the story mainly follows the difficult friendship between two girls with different mindsets. They repeatedly betray, manipulate, protect and save each other. And in the process grow and mature. The fairytale tropes mainly serve as a way to restrict and challenge the characters. So ye If you've seen a lot of those don't bother ig. That being said I am worried over how well they'll represent the characters.

  6. Yep, I'm down. Pretty much had me sold on Charlize Theron, but the story actually looks like it will be fun.

  7. "tHiS lOoKs LiKe A hArRy PoTtEr RiPoFf." This does not, in any way, looks like a harry potter movie so pls stfu.

  8. Wow this looks incredible!! Intriguing concept. Let's take Once Upon a Time and combine it with Harry Potter! (rolls eyes)

  9. Caught my eye!! Never heard of the book or books but I wish I had! For sure keeping my eyes out for the books and that movie!

  10. Intriguing concept. And look who the teachers are! I hope Michelle does the combat training ❤

  11. The books are quite popular so I'm curious about this. I'm surprised that everyone keeps comparing this to HP. It's just set in a magical school, but it's not even about learning sorcery to become a witch. It's more that d 2 girls ended up in d opposite school they expect they wud be in n it changed their characters n pov in life. If I have to compare, It's more like Ever After High. But still kinda different. I look forward to this. Hopefully it live up to book readers' expectation. I hope new viewers will enjoy it, too.

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