1. The evil mouse does again. Disney could become the School of how not to make films, but they have a lot of competition like Amazon, Netflix, WB etc..

  2. The comments that think this’ll somehow be different from every identical piece of fantasy high school dreck are simultaneously hilarious and completely sad.

    I’m sure the book is great but I’m just as sure this movie won’t be.

  3. Iam a simple man and fan of everything everywhere all at once I see michelle yeoh I clicked it.

  4. not the people in the comments who havent read the books💀💀 stay mad y'all

    edit: us book fans wanted this. dont ruin this for us.

  5. Pass. Haven’t ever really been a fan of Feig’s films (I’ve tried but I just don’t find them to be any good at all). To be fair though, this isn’t really geared towards me, so I think my nieces or my wife might be intrigued. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I thought it was a Harry Potter rip off. Then I find it's a horrendous movie destroying our childhood. Like the Winnie the Pooh horror movie…… What the frack.

  7. I loved the books as a kid and I really want this to be good but deep down I know it's just going to be average at best

  8. Looks like a dramatic high school film with a huge budget spliced with some fairy tale stuff. I'll pass.

  9. Appropriate for Halloween, since it's an utterly generic Disney channel high school movie in fancy dress.

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