The School for Good and Evil Movie Clip – Makeover (2022)

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  1. To be honest this was too over the top, this clip didn’t get me to like the character who had a makeover and too many shots of her dramatically walking does not impress me one bit. What? Am I supposed to root for the evil side? Is that a joke? I need mor context in the clip.

  2. Why was the prince's finger glowing even though he hasn't been poked by the needle to give him the glow yet

  3. This would be a lot more compelling if it told me even like… A single thing about these characters and why I should care about them.

  4. Must have been hard to resist the temptation of deactivating the comment section for this one

  5. They could at least make sure she doesn't look like an idiot while she struts about. This thing I just watched completely changed my mind about watching this. Gross

  6. So it's a show about people walking and posing at the same time? I'm confused. Do the people who made this show even know what it's about?

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