The Roast of Vijay Varma ft. @Zakir Khan, @Varun Thakur, @Shreeja Chaturvedi and more | Darlings

The only TC (ticket collecting) applicable to Hamza after this roast would be TAKE CARE 👀

The Roast of Vijay Varma by the comedy greats, @Zakir Khan, @Varun Thakur, @Shreeja Chaturvedi and more are here! 😎

Catch Vijay Varma in Darlings, now streaming, only on Netflix.

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  1. वो सब तो ठीक है लेकिन यह है कौन विजय वर्मा???

  2. Vijay Varma – You are a real star and the netflix advertisement unit played very well here.

  3. I got GOOSEBUMPS when vijay say's
    mera tobda nahi hota poster main lekin scene main ye tobda yaad rehta hai 🔥

  4. what's face?? vijay Verma isn't vijay sethupathi, but getting compared is itself says he's a star.

  5. I am not someone who gets offended by a joke… But that Bhopal gas tragedy reference in a joke was really cruel.

  6. These people ain't funny at all. They are just trying to act as if they are famous and entertaining people.

  7. Agli baar Varun Thakur ko host banaya to gaaliyan bhi padegi aur raashan ke laale pad jayenge Netflix walo

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