1. How much you wanna bet it’s Cthulhu waking up and the fog is his madness driving the crew insane?

  2. I’m in this for the accents. 🤩 Silly joke aside, the way I see it, this movie has a message, Mother Nature isn’t happy. Or it could just be your run of the mill psychological thriller. Guess I’ll find out. 😁👍

  3. Looks good….but I don't think we will get anything in the way of a creature feature or Dead Space on a rig. Will people losing their minds and doing bad stuff to each other be enough?

  4. Huh.
    So Robert Baratheon, Aliser Thorne and Jorah Mormont are gonna face Ice and Fire together.

  5. Reminds me of The Mist. The Mist was a good movie with one of the worst endings of any movie. Let's hope this does it better.

  6. Could have been good, but got woke. If you actually look at oil rig workers they don’t look like this.

  7. Am I the only one who hoped this was a screenwrite of Roger Levy's novel The Rig, because that would be a box office hit.

  8. Looks like some climate activists used their hand that wasn’t glued to something to write a screenplay. Looks like it could be interesting but possibly loaded with anti oil prop.

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