The Professor reveals THE TRUTH about And1 Netflix Documentary

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  1. My favourite basketball shoes to this day were the Ben Wallace blue and white shoes. I think they were called the chosen 1 I wish I still had them

  2. And1 came to the boys and girls club in Augusta Georgia when I was going to school down there.

    They were a big deal.

  3. And 1 definitely marked a generation . If you aint from that generation , , it wont hit the same

  4. Yeah I thought the documentary was too short. It definitely needed to be longer to further explain certain things.

  5. I remember and1 and the series. But I don’t ever remember people wanting to wear and1s in high school and was during this time. Graduated in 03.

  6. Watching this make me feel mad old I used to have the 4 set dvd collection used to watch them faithfully early 2000’s as a teen

  7. They had a factory in Melbourne australia I’m pre sure if not it was a basketball shoe factory with every and 1 shoe. Mid 2000s my dad would take me there, I bought a pair of the same shoes in blue and red and would wear 1 red and 1 blue while playing.

  8. Wish they got the payouts & Recognition they deserved. They were a big part of my middle school days.

  9. I missed those And1 days..Ppl today never knew how big it was and how much influence it was…Back then sportscasters just showed the scores then the highlights bc we all wanted to see the dunks, the def passing and dibblin…the mixed tapes was the watercooler talk..every week anotha one..Thks for everything Professor

  10. Thanks for making this video professor. And1 was such a significant and fun time.l for basketball. I’ll always remember that

  11. AO was your OG! No way your should’ve done this recap without mentioning the fact that the documentary creators & AND1 owner’s extremely low balled him during negotiations and thats why he’s not in the doc & has no affiliation with the brand. The real story is the owners fckd everyone over when they sold the company and some people landed on their feet & others didnt. At what point are people who were there gonna tell the damn truth?

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