THE POWER Official Trailer (2023) New Movie Trailers 4K

A group of teenage girls mysteriously develop a special power that allows them to electrocute people at will.

THE POWER Official Trailer (2023) New Movie Trailers 4K
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  1. In before this is a total bomb and fails miserably as its just a rehash of the "Women are boss bitches." plotline.

  2. What message is this sending that women will become worse then men?? Lol, this is hilarious, it's even better when you put in comparison with how some women complain about evil things men do, but as soon as they are in a certain scenario when they get superpowers they kill every man on sight.

  3. Usually the previews makes the movie look good , in this case they only succeeded in making the movie insanely stupid

  4. "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." —Jim Ryun

  5. This is probably gonna trigger a certain group of people. You have to be a biological female to get this power. And here I thought Amazon was becoming woke.

  6. So if it was just males…then what. Your all drafted from birth, as soon as you hit 17 off to the military you go and it'sa lifetime commitment. But wait we gotta have a democunt sjw race baiting twist right? So only non whites get really powerful, or rather acknowledged as becoming powerful, when the whites actually are far more powerful and have nearly unlimited potential. But then brow beat by the left for this. And the whites are to be forced to wear restricting power harnesses, and do all the grunt and dangerous work. While every other racial group is treated better and coddled for every thing they do. But ohh it's whites so it's not really racist, welcome the mind of the democunts, blind, deaf and dumb is their chracter traits.

  7. Why does this feel like feminist propaganda? The females get a little bit of power and it goes straight to their heads

  8. The earth vibrates every 28 days no one knows why look it up it’s actually real🤯

  9. She was living in constant fear?🤣
    Where have i heard that before?
    Another brave and bold show.🤢

  10. if it was about a bunch of army guys getting powers from an alien spacecraft and then saving the world, the alpha males would be in here beating their chesticles and being like see men are stronger….whooaaaaa….😆 🤣

  11. oh man the red pill alpha males are going to be getting their pants in a twist on this one…

  12. It feels like script writers and producers have given up being imaginative and will make any old crap as long a Amazon will buy it.

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