1. Chloe recently confirmed that she is having discussions with Marvel Studios about joining the MCU.

  2. Que raro, una pelicula donde la protagonista es una blanca y no se la está empotrando un negro, un giro muy radical en el adoctrinamiento woke donde las mujeres blancas solo han nacido para ser trofeos de hombres negros.

  3. Seeing William Gibson listed as a co-writer has helped my initial wave of dread and nausea to pass. Team That Destroyed Westworld Brings You… The Peripheral! Yeah, nah.

  4. This looks really amazing it's about time William Gibson gets notoriety and an adaption of his work

  5. This looks really good. But I am not going to subscribe to the streaming channel to watch it. Probably read the book instead.

  6. Taking any good sci-fi literature idea and turn it in an action flick: not cool anymore, please.

  7. I have read both books in the series and I have to say what I have seen does not disappoint. It is exactly how I imagined it to be. Looking forward to it.

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