1. Chloe is super impressive as an actress. We’ve all seen many actors/actresses attempt a southern accent, with many being unconvincing or just over the top. From what I’ve seen so far, her accent feels quite natural and realistic, in a way that wouldn’t feel out of place in some small town out in the sticks.

  2. "I'm sorry I called you a gap toothed *itch, It's not your fault you're soo gap toothed."
    She fixed her teeth

  3. Since it is the team from Westworld …nope. Westwood started really well but got worse with each passing season. Don't need another show that looks visually great but cannot tell a coherent story.

  4. 🤣🌍🌎🌎🌏🌐🌐🗺🗺🗾🗾🧭🏔⛰🌋🌋🗻🏕🏘🛖🪵🪵🧱🧱🪨🏛🏟🏗🧱🧱🏟🏟🏝🏝🏜🏞🏜🏖🏠🏡🏢🏣🏣🏥🏥🏦🏨🏩🏩🏪🏪🏫🏫⛩🕍🛕🗽🗽🗼💒💒🏰🏰💒🏯🏯🏭🏬⛲🕋⛲

  5. Prime sure is a waste of money. The amount of trash being produced is mind boggling. Woke never sells

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