The Next 365 Days | First 4 minutes | Netflix

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Official release of the first 4 minutes from The Next 365 Days.
The Next 365 Days premieres on August 19, 2022.


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The Next 365 Days | First 4 minutes | Netflix

Laura and Massimo’s relationship hangs in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues and jealousy while a tenacious Nacho works to push them apart.



  1. This last part was soooo bad that even my girlfriend who had initially compelled me to watch it with her just turned it off in between and we instead watched Prey and boy it felt like heaven

  2. These movie is good like the two installments. Laura made a big terrible mistake but she still lucky Massimo did not shoot her despite of what she did. It proves behind his gangster image his a loving kind person.

  3. Non parli mai in italiano invece io adoro quando sporadicamente lo fai ..e stupendo ascoltarti mentre parli la tua lingua madre e penso che pure tuo padre ne sarebbe andato fiero sua lingua la tua la vostra ..

  4. Netflix literally every week: "Yeah this sounds/looks/is acted/is written like shit…. Release it"

  5. I literally don't know why I watched this movie during whole time I was looking for plot and story .

  6. Evry time i see this movie im like wtf no scenario no dialog just sex scenes why playboy didn't sponsor this wtf is going on Netflix

  7. Laura is an infuriating character. I was really into the first movie, 2nd was terrible, i gave this one another shot but i conclude that at this point I'm done with 365 days smh. This story had so much potential.

  8. Orribile .. una trama che non esiste. Un mafioso che prende in ostaggio una ragazza solo perché lui è ossessionato da lei e dal sesso…

  9. We all know why we will watch it otherwise I know the story will ridiculous just like the last 2 parts

  10. feel like they've made Laura too bitchy and cheap. The way she cheated on Massimo and gave in to lust that easily just feels so wrong..They should have at least toned down Laura's craving for sex every time. Haha.Isn't Massimo supposed to be the bad/wild guy? But it turned out he is the better,more loyal/faithful partner than his wife, and Laura is all over craving for other's d*ck. Haha. Though in this movie, Massimo was so cold to her, you could still feel his love for her. It's not that Laura needs a better man.It's Massimo who needs a better woman…But,anyway, despite not liking Laura's character, I still want Massimo to be the endgame. This started with their love story. It should end with it.

  11. For better actors they could have just used cardboard cutouts and moved their mouthes like south park canadians.

  12. Its a cringe.🤮 The writting is horrible, the acting, the only good thing was the location. Please no more!

  13. Definitely think that Amelia and nacho are a couple not brother and sister it’s a plot twist

  14. This was better then the 2nd part, Which was ridiculous. The 3rd part was actually good. I LOVE OLGA THE BEST FRIEND

  15. Anyone else notice in the end when she went to speak with Massimo, she is wearing nacho bead around her neck. I felt like she already made her decision. however, I think the director/producer/writer is trying to throw us off. because she also told nacho she can’t live in this situation anymore. Then she said to massimo that he’ll be a wonderful dad one day.

    They always left us hanging (the ending of this trilogy always gives me anxiety) hoping we get a 4th movie from this trilogy. I hope massimo and lari will be end game. if there’s a 4th

  16. I don't know why I keep giving these movies my time…All 3 are just a long drawn out extravagant case of STOCK-HOLM SYNDROM!!!!!!!! SO DONE!

  17. The storyline is so ridiculously bad but the movie is good! Lol ! I know it doesn’t make sense

  18. probably the worst acting/real ive seen in a while, no wonder why netflix censor youtube comments usually. its garbage.

  19. When you think there can't be worse than second part they come with a musical erotic movie combined with images typical for nstagramers showing their food and how they eat, all this going to the facebookers ending line of the movie:)))

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