1. With Dani's powers it's really difficult not to become evil. Her power is to create creatures out of fear and nightmares. If you are evil you can make others being chased by their greatest fear and make their life a nightmare. If you are good you have to control these monsters so they can protect you and your teammates.

  2. What destroyed the village at the beginning? In another video someone said it was a tornado. But a tornado doesn't make buildings and cars explode. Also if a tornado has enough power to lift a car it would also lift Dani, her father and the other people in the village.

    Or was it a demon bear like that one we saw at the end? The demon bear at the end was made of Dani's fear. So it isn't the same. Or was the demon bear at the beginning also made of Dani's fear and that was the first time her powers activated?

  3. Very interesting clip ♥! As a horror fan and fellow YouTuber, I am contantly searching for fresh ideas!

  4. 20th Century Studios, huh? Interesting…maybe there is still hope for the merc with a mouth?

  5. Glad to see slender man finally hitting the big screen. Guess he nailed the audition.

  6. They nailed the vibe from the comic run (crucial), and they've had time to make it DEAD-CLUTCH… I'm hoping for the best!

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