1. More fodder for the seemingly bottomless Netflix rubbish bin. Still waiting on them to denounce all the terrorism and CP they've been funding and supporting.

  2. Finally a movie with Lopez that I can watch ..This reminds me the Angelina Jolie movies 'salt "wanted"..action .And please Jennifer stop doing silly romantic movie

  3. Not gonna lie, I thought this was gonna be a sequel to Enough where J-Lo takes her "Self Defense isn't murder." To a whole other level. ☺️

  4. J-Lo as some sort of special unit mercenary is almost as believable as Angelina Jolie as a guns blazing parachuting firefighter

  5. Jenny with a Glock, it’s good to see here doing something different then taking someone’s guy 😅

  6. My favorite part was when she said: "Come with me if you want to live!" What a flawless rendition of a classic line :0

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