THE MINUTE YOU WAKE UP DEAD Trailer (2022) Morgan Freeman

THE MINUTE YOU WAKE UP DEAD Trailer (2022) Morgan Freeman, Jaimie Alexander, Thriller Movie HD
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  1. Movies taking hints from TikTok these days. Shortest movie and dopamine miss I ever had.

  2. A movie with Morgan freeman is like a podcast i don't care that I saw the whole movie in the trailer i might watch this movie

  3. Has to be a twist or something. Looks like I’ll be waiting for this one to come on a streaming platform.

  4. Wait…. Was this not a short film? I mean we got all 3 ACTs just in a matter of 2 minutes.

  5. “How in the hell you wake up dead?! Because you’re alive when you go to sleep!”

  6. I have a movie based in Mississippi. It's called Brett Farve is a MF thief, starring the state police.

  7. they basically told me the whole comment situation with so many comments of the same thing that I dont have to read any more.

  8. Morgan I believe is now 85 YO. Just a fabulous actor. But really Long-In-The-Tooth to be playing a real town Sherrif at his age. But I guess I will let that slide as I do still like to watch him and hear his magnificent Voice.

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