The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) | Marvel 101 | Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder

Dr. Jane Foster is one of the most brilliant astrophysicists on Earth. On a trip to New Asgard, visiting the broken pieces of Mjolnir, Jane Foster’s life is forever changed when the shattered Mjolnir mysteriously transforms her into The Mighty Thor.

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  1. Pathetic. When Quill is the intellectual grown up compared to Thor… That's not Thor. It's just some farcical deconstruction of Thor. If your taste favors Thor as one of the three stooges, this is your movie.
    So disappointing. Ragnarok is so brilliant and this is so not.

  2. Gorr is beyond Thanos level character and they just wasted/ killed him within just one movie, he deserved more sequals + necrosword is not commic accurate, + they have just showed gorr killing just one God, rest are left for just assumptions, how he killed those gods and lot of other stuff, commics gorr is way beyond better then this varient of gorr, really what a waste

  3. Someone want to explain HOW, and WHEN, Stormbreaker gained sentience? WHEN did it "learn" how to fly/float, or act like it has a brain 🧠 🤔?? Get jealous??

    This is ONE of the things that popped into my mind, recently, after watching the film on Thursday afternoon. There are PLENTY more.

    Fun flick, has a lot of HEART ❤️, but this film was CLEARLY NOT well-thought out. Similar issues with MoM. Where is the brain-trust to hash out all these concerns? Feige has said there's a huge group that pre-plans and storyboards ALL these movies. Did that stop? These people SHOULD BE coming up with the same questions that we, the viewing audience, do.

    The plot-holes in these films, are becoming even more glaring.

  4. Worst movie …..mighty thor came for one movie no love got back in thor and mighty thor and low fighting at the last mighty thor dies then why she was for only one in this as mighty thor … instead it was not then also it was ok then. Worst movie.

  5. Can’t wait to see Natalie’s take on the story. I know some fans hate that storyline, but I find it very interesting. And she has looked awesome in all the trailers. Looking forward to it!

  6. i can't believe we might gonna have a thor movie without loki

  7. It’s so awesome to have her back! Now I always appreciated Jane more than many did, but safe to say she’s going to shine in Love & Thunder like never before

  8. And, to top it all off, she’s Luke & Leia’s mom

  9. Top 10 Strongest Villains Pre- Love and Thunder of Mcu :

    1)Ultron Infinity
    2)Thanos (Infinity Gaunlet)
    4)Gorr The God Butcher
    7)Sinister Strange
    8)The Mandarin
    9)Agatha Harkness
    10) The Dark Elf with Armor

    Did I miss anyone ??

  10. What I can confirm ,
    Top 10 Strongest Heroes / Once Heroes of MCU:

    1)The Watcher
    2)Strange Supreme / Scarlet Witch
    3)Ancient One
    4)Thor (Stormbreaker)/Dr Strange
    5)Captain Marvel / Prof. Charles Xavier
    6)Mighty Thor (Jane) /Cap. America(Mjolnir)
    7)Eternal Icarus
    8)Eternal Makari / Black Bolt/ Eternal Thena
    9)Shang Chi

    This Pre – Love and Thunder 🙂

  11. i just watched i really feel sorry for thor he really lost a lot of people, from odin his mother loki and jane jane is a great woman

  12. I Think that
    Hammer of mighty Thor is made of hammer of Thor Only when hela breaks Thor hammer it turns into pieces that pieces are now joined by somebody and now it's the hammer of Mighty Thor😂

  13. Лайк, комментарий и благодарность за интересные и качественные видео ❤️🇺🇦🤗

  14. And, to top it all off, she’s Luke & Leia’s mom

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