THE MIDNIGHT CLUB Trailer (2022)

THE MIDNIGHT CLUB Trailer (2022)
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  1. Looks like another terrible attempt by Netflix to make horror. Reminds me of that awful and cringe Fear Street shit they did

  2. I need the song in this…I know the original is Toadies – Possum Kingdom. But this is a Rock cover of it, and man it sounds soo good. If anyone knows what rock band this is covering please let me know!

  3. There were so many spoiler alerts that tells you that,…………………………………….This movie Sucks.
    You want scary watch The Exorcist filmed in 1973 starring Linda Blair.
    Watch the uncensored version.
    Sleep well.

  4. For once, I would like to see a ghostly horror movie at least try and have a modicum of "reality". In just about every single horror movie of this type, the people just roll over and sit there while they are attacked. They don't even try to defend themselves. In order for an entity to harm an individual, regardless of its origin, it has to physically manifest itself in our reality. By manifesting physically, it become subject to physical law, which means that it can be attacked and injured just like any physical attacker. That was my biggest problem with the Ring for example. The people knew that they were going to be attacked and they should have armed themselves and attacked the entity when it appeared since it had to physically manifest in our reality. If there was a murderer stalking people, it would be natural to prepare for that by being ready and armed. Why doesn't the same apply to these so-called ghosts that kill people? They only way they can kill someone is to manifest physically, and that leaves them vulnerable to attack. Personally, I would be packing a nice big stick and if that creepy came after me I would be swinging back.

  5. Holy crap! I am floored! I legit LOVED this book when I was 13-14. I probably read it over a dozen times. Hell, I think about this book at least once a month. I hope they don't do it dirty 😩. But for real, I can't recommend this book enough. It's the same name and the author is Christopher Pike.
    Edit: ugh, I actually watched the trailer and I'm already a little disappointed 😥 but I really liked the haunting of hill house,so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I think this is going to be one of those instances where the book was just "inspiration" and not canon.

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