THE MEAN ONE Trailer (2022) Grinch Horror

THE MEAN ONE Trailer (2022) Grinch Horror

The Grinch steals a lot more than Christmas in this forthcoming horror parody/sequel to the classic Dr. Seuss yuletide tale. Terrifer 2’s David Howard Thornton plays the titular green meanie while Krystle Martin plays an adult Cindy You-Know-Who out for revenge twenty years later. Director Steven LaMorte’s The Mean One opens in theaters on December 9th.

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  1. i adore this genre. horror/comedy/satire kinda thing.
    reminds me of Krampus or Gremlins

  2. I WAS excited to see this being a horror fan.. but after the trailer it looks just a bit.. SILLY.. or campy..

  3. I was excited when I first heard about this coming out now that I finally seen a trailer it just looks ok. I don’t know what I’m expecting but I’m not expecting much, looks like it’ll be forgotten before the years end

  4. Killer Grinch
    Killer Winnie the Pooh
    Killer Peter Pan
    Killer Bambi
    And it’s only the beginning.

  5. First Winnie the Pooh and now this? What classic and sacred property are they going to touch next? Bloody hell!

  6. this gringe reminds me of my estranged wife !!! keeps coming when the answer is no !!!! glad ive got a good solicitor !!! dont think ill have a great xmas while the c#%t is still around !!!! Lol

  7. Whoever makes these kids stuff into horror movies must be a sick twisted sum b!tch. Like literally, first we are getting a Winnie the Pooh Horror film, then a Bambi Horror Film, A Peter Pan Horror film and now a Grinch horror film? Wow, Hollywood is. running out of ideas. For anyone that loves horror might enjoy this and the others i mentioned, go watch it but me I'm out

  8. I'm amazed by the amount of people looking forward to seeing this load of violent ugly garbage 😂

  9. This is sure to become a Christmas classic. Next, I'd like to see a gritty take on the "Green Eggs and Ham" story.

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