The Lost Empire | Part 1 of 2 | FULL MOVIE | 2001 | Martial Arts

The Lost Empire PART ONE – Full Movie

A modern scholar is drawn into a timewarp and ends up in 16th-century China, where he and a team of bizarre helpers must retrieve the original manuscripts of Wu Chengen’s ancient Chinese novel, Journey Of The West.

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Starring Thomas Gibson, Russell Wong, Bai Ling, Eddie Marsan, Kabir Bedi, Hon Ping Tang,, Picasso Tan, Ric Young, Kwong Loke
Directed by Peter MacDonald

An American scholar in China must learn the way of the noble warrior, the true meaning of strength and the power of love, when an important Chinese manuscript falls into the wrong hands. He sets out on a quest to recover the book with the legendary Monkey King and his clan.

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  1. The movie was made in 2001. By that time, typewriters are only for typing labels. No one actually type anything else on a typewriter.

  2. Two martinis please… Not very wet.

    Me as the waiter: … .. you mean dry?Then say that

    *Gets fired next day*

  3. You know this could’ve gotten more recognition if it was an Indiana Jones movie.
    Think about it, Indiana Jones on a quest to find the lost manuscript of Journey to the West, only to get sucked into The Monkey King’s world?
    As silly as that concept sounds, it still would’ve beaten the hell out of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by a dozen milestones.

  4. Bai Ling casted as the merciful goddess ? This movie was cursed from the beginning by the casting team.

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