1. I really hope we get an open world RPG with great combat and progression in the same vein as Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls. Just a great RPG where you explore Middle Earth 2nd or 3rd age, I don't really mind. I think building the Last Alliance could be awesome and playing in the Mordor campaign would be iconic or keep in simple in the 3rd age, plenty to do there. One can dream.

  2. What? Gollum? Don't tell me there will be final boss Sauron and Gollum is supposed to defeat him?
    I would prefer Isildur game. That would be great.

  3. Whyyyy tho? Lord of the rings has so much potential and all we get to play is a crippled old hobbit? War of The North was a good game

  4. I'm genuinely interested. I became tired and bored of always playing as the story's hero.

  5. Come to think of it, we never got to see how dangerous Gullom was when it comes to using the power of the ring's invisibility, Except of course when he bit off Frodo's fingers. Maybe they will make another movie after. On the other hand, Please don't.

  6. Well we know what happens to him so why should we spend hours trying to get something he wont get haha

  7. It’s gonna be like the squirrel in Ice Age chasing after the acorn but we’re gonna be chasing after the ring.

  8. Why? Really Gollum? lol I certainly dont care or want to play as him, besides he gets fried in the end so lol. (spoilers)

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