1. I can’t believe he actually said he doesn’t think he’ll have a long-lasting legacy. He’s already a living legend. I adore him and what he’s done to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation and protection. And I’m an American, so obviously he’s influenced those outside of Britain.

  2. SIR David, you are life and comfort to 4 generations of my family in Canada. From my Grandmother who passed this last year at age 97 to my daughters 25 and 14 that still put on Blue Planet if they have trouble sleeping, because the sound of your voice is as good as the safety of my arms when I’d rock them to sleep playing my favourite series.
    My daughter is across country doing her Doctorate and just played it this month when she was sick and I couldn’t be there, to help her sleep.

    A true wonder of of this century and the last.

  3. Something a lot of people might not know is that David Attenborough's legacy somehow also includes the introduction of bungee jumping. In the 50s, he visited Pentecost Island where his crew filmed the local 'land diving' ritual and brought it to international attention, and eventually Western thrill-seekers thought 'yep, let's do that'.

  4. He's too modest. He's done more to raise awareness of our natural world than any other human being in the last 50 years. He will have a long lasting legacy.

  5. Sad he only things he's only influenced the British. He's been influencing this American since the early 80's! Love you sir!

  6. Sorry Sir, I have to correct you there. It doesn't matter if all you had to give was your voice. You gave it to many millions of us; it inspired half as many to love nature, and that alone is more to be content with than most

  7. His legacy will last for centuries, I’m certain. He has had a huge impact on my father’s life (age 68) my life (42) and my daughter’s (6). She calls him (and his programmes) “Our David” like he’s a member of our family.

  8. I don't think he realizes that his particular style of narration, in sound of voice and "theatrics", is unique, outstanding, and the style by which all others are measured. And they will never measure up! He has left a great mark.

  9. The awareness you created extends beyond Brittain; Sir. And, I am very grateful that it has extended to every corner of world. 🌎🙏

  10. He sells himself short. As one who started watching Wild Kingdom here in the US in the early 60's…Davids influence on me is massive. America doesnt do programs like his any longer. There is no money in it as far as these production company executives are concerned. No care or concern for enriching the lives of Americans. And if its not packaged in some sort of reality programming format, most Americans (in their current condition) wont want. Thank you David. Your shows are like a cool glass of water in this barren American landscape

  11. He is luckily still alive and kicking. Everybody who has seen him on screen knows that he is exceptional. His knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious.

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