THE LAST OF US Trailer (2023) Pedro Pascal

THE LAST OF US Trailer (2023) Pedro Pascal

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  1. Don't let this distrack you from the fact one of the main characters gets killed by a roided up female golfer

  2. It looks stunningly epic mind-blowing VFX even in live-action. I'm definitely gonna watch this. I really loved and liked getting scared by horror-creepy video-game or film.

  3. sad, you cant just make a game with Ellen Page a decent movie actress as main character and not cast her in the same movie. bit of a letdown

  4. My mom is a huge fan of Pedro Pascal in the Mandalorian and I hope the two of us can watch this together

  5. Ellies actress doesn't look as close to the character model as the other actors/actress' but it looks like a faithful adaptation so I'm sure it will be great

  6. Wow! Yeeeeesssssss!! I really loved and liked live-action adaptation version Television series because I've been playing the video-game version.

  7. Holy shit i can't believe this is going to be set in Sydney!!
    Only there can a building fall over after such a short period.

  8. Hopefully they get it right they have some major shoes to fill. Us gamers are very difficult to please especially with this one.

  9. I wasn't really on board but Craig Mazin as showrunner? He did such an awesome job with Chernobyl, I'll definitely check this out.

  10. This is going to be great i just think Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would played a better Joel, to me when the concept art was created they used him and he looked more like him

  11. 1:16 I saw this monster in Resident Evil 2. Does this movie steal the design of monsters?? When I saw it, I thought I was watching Resident Evil. This monster is called Laker

  12. I loved playing the games. I like both actors that were cast, but I would have preferred a different casting. I think Ellie should have been played by Amalia Holm.

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